Day 9

Wednesday Apr 1 2020

CrossFit Green Bay is closed permanently. Ha! April Fools! Got you. Yeah. We're only closed until they tell us we don't have to be closed any longer and hopefully it'll be before we have to close permanently anyways. Kind of funny?:) To all of you that kept your account open with us thank you and for those of you that had to pause your accounts we get it, no explanation neccesary. This current moment in time every single person is connected directly or are personally going over the same obstacle, so we might as well help each other over.  We will continue to provide as much service as possible from videos provided by JT and I and Kelly (  to earn every cent you pay and give back double worth in services! Keep an eye on this website in the comments section for any updates throughout the day.
*****Those CrossFit Green Bay Flat Brim Trucker Ball Caps are coming.....soon.*****
Roll in to April with a smile on your face because if you ain't dead yet, you're doing well. 
Happy Wellness Wednesday!
Workout description and our favorite little Italian Restaurateur drops in to say hi and to let you know how to get the greatest Italian Food know to man/woman/child, overall human kind!
1.) 3 rounds
30 Kettlebell Swings
30 Pull-ups
*2.) Overhead Squat 15 total reps @ 80%
Note: keep the sets and rest to a minuimum
*3.) 400m Farmer Carry for time
Note: carry dumbbell/kettle bell/plate, cannot carry it on shoulder or back must carried by hands
*4.) EMOM for 15 minutes 1 Split Jerk @ 80% Clean & Jerk
*5.)  Suck it up
1 minute Plank
rest 30 seconds
1 minute Plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 10 seconds 
2 minute plank 
rest 10 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 30 seconds 
1 minute plank
note: don't give in to your mind telling you to quit, hold your position.

Unequipped At Home
1.) 10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10
Alt. Pistol Squats (squat to chair)
Jane Fonda Side Crunches (oh, you know)

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Grant Soletski7d

Disregard me and grace going live. Apparently I can’t do it on my phone. Will try again tomorrow. Godspeed.

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30:00 run
HIIT w/ intermittent body weight exercises. 90% max average HR. Woof.
Suck it up and HSPU work
Garage Stuff
20:00 AMRAP: 4 Turkish Get-ups, 35 lbs, 8 Kettlebell Snatches, 35 lbs, 16 Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunges, 35 lbs. 5 + 4 + 8 + 5.
3x5 OH Squat @ #115 WOD 11:51 scaled jumping pull ups
40#KB. OHS work. 15 rounds HSPU/hollows.
13:31 2pood because I thought it would be fun....and all my lighter kb's are gone
12:32 53# KB
11:17 53# KB
Very grippy
4:26? for Home WOD
44# KB - kip pull ups. (man I need to learn to butterfly... :) Sets of 3 at the end). 400m Farm Carry 50# db. Suck it up. Thanks kelly for the class!
3-Position Clean + 1 Jerk: 135,165,185,205,215,225#
100 Alternating Dumbbell Thrusters for time from 3-24-20 complete in 5:37 with a 60# dumbell. (20-20-15-15-15-15) / *2.) complete in 7:56 from the floor with 5 rounds of 3 OHS @ 225# / *3.) complete in 2:05 with a 35# dumbbell in each hand / Kari Pearce Ab Routine.
**#35 KB/=Ring Rows (shldr had a lil ‘click’ so...stayed safe!); & 30 min of TRX 💩
20 min bike ride, 15-12-9, squats, push-ups, sit-ups