Old Man

Tuesday Jan 21 2020

Seeing some old faces on the whiteboard and hoping to see some more of them in the months to come prior to our 10th Anniversary in October! Keep up the good work people and keep posting those scores, more data I get from you the better I can program for you, sweet right?!?
Tuesday my old friend.
1.) 5-4-3-3-2-1 Strict Press
2.) Old Man
5 rounds
12 Stiff Leg Deadlift 115/85lb
9 Hang Clean 115/85lb
6 Split Jerk 115/85lb
Note: 9 minute cap
*3.) 5 x 20 cal Handles only Assault Bike, rest 1:1
*4.) 7 minute AMRAP 
20’ Sandbag Carry 
20’ Yolk:) Walk 45’s/25’s
*5.) 6 x 2 Snatch @ LH 65%
Then 6 x 1 Snatch High Pull adding load each round starting at 65%
*6.) 3 rounds
12 Parallel Ring Rows
7 Slow Wide Grip Strict Pull-ups
4 Heavy Heavy Bent Over Dumbbell Rows
Note: use a box for your heels on the ring rows and it’s two dbs on the db rows, concentrate on not changing your back/hip angle. 
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Bruce Hoffort6h

Straight up studs.

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