Monday Jul 23 2018

Green Bay Barbell represented well at the Badger State Games. We had one athlete lifting in each session and each athlete took home some hardware!
Lily took Gold, Justin took Silver, Tori took Gold, and Chuck took Silver overall and Gold in his age group. 
Awesome job everyone!

If you’re ever interested in competing in the sport of Weightlifting ask a coach and we can get you on the right track!
1.) Leggies
10 Rounds
20 Double Unders (Scale to 20 Penguins or 40 SU)
4 Front Squat 185/125 (Pick a weight you can do unbroken)
6 Box Jumps 30/24 (Scale height or stepping up)
8 Deadlift 185/125 (Same weight as the front squat)
2.) 5 Push Jerk every 90 seconds for 5 rounds @ approx. 60%
*3.) for time
10 Tire Flips
100m Sled Push 3x45/2x45lb
*4.) 1 Snatch every 3 minutes for 6 rounds @ approx. 90%
*5.) SPUC
Strict Wide Grip Pull-ups 
Strict Narrow Grip Pull-ups 
Strict Chin-ups 
*6.) 3 rounds
15 Back Extension
15 Dumbbell Bent Over Row
15 Reverse Hyper
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Angel Anderson6h

Yay I can do this at home 👊🏼 Good job GBBB athletes!

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