Friday Mar 6 2020

Today's Hero WOD is the second Hero WOD honoring a fallen police officer since we've began Hero Forged Friday's. This last year myself and the 127th Infantry Regiment had the honor of serving our country in Afghanistan and it was there that I truly understood what it felt like to be on guard every woken moment of every day and occasionally even while I slept. Knowing that at any minute something violent may happen is tiring on the mind and hard on the color pigments in your hair (lots of new gray colored hair sprouted during this time:) We spent a little over 7 months in Afghanistan and it was mentally exhausting to live this way but again it was only 7 months and I was grateful that that was it. Now imagine being a police officer where you live this life nearly every day for 30 years never knowing when violence will erupt but knowing it will and that you are going to be in the middle of it. Thank you Police for what you do, it is often thankless so please know that at CrossFit Green Bay you will have nothing but respect and appreciation for everything you do for us and our community. 
Hero Forged Friday will take a sabatical for a week as we are headed in to Master's Online Qualifier this coming Thursday. It will return the following week so make sure you come on out to the afternoon classes, hang out for a little bit afterwards, maybe share some stories and maybe even a beer or two after the WOD. We will have 4 or 5 bench press stations set up for the workout today and a running clock running as well. Once the bench press is complete you will be rolling right in to the 20 minute AMRAP. If you've never bench pressed before or you're worried about the weight, don't, just show up and as always we will take good care of you. 
Have a safe Friday!
Sgt. Gary "Foo" Morales, of the Port St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office in Florida, died Feb. 28, 2013. Morales, 35, was fatally shot during a traffic stop. The Air Force veteran was employed by the St. Lucie County Sherriff's Office for 12 years and had just been promoted to Sergeant Deputy. 

170lb Bench Press, 13 reps
Then 20 min AMRAP
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
77 double unders
170lb Squat Clean Thruster, 2 reps
28 situps

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Chris Ness33d

I have been training my whole life for the first 13 reps

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3 sit-ups in 6th round. 115 bench and cluster
Banded c2b
6+cleans(175 woops)
6 + 14 Sit-ups
3-4 135#
Started going out of order somewhere in there
4 + 17 DU's
170# bench, 155# cluster
5 rounds RX WT, banded pull and tuck pullup, SU. Bench 85 almost unbroken (10 then 3)
7+55 Double Unders
Waaaaaay too many DU (594)
4 + 52DU
115# clusters // 100# bench
5+77 dus 115# clusters, 95# bench press
5 + 2 DU RX
Worked until 9:00pm / Completed "Foo" on 3-15-20 with 7 rounds + 7 DUs.
5R + 7/154/2 Clusters**
**85 BP, Ribs2RingsRows/154 SU/#30 DBs Cluster (onlyLA OH). 🔥🔥🧘‍♀️🔥🔥, & 16 min AMRAP: 10 DB cleans/10 DB PP/50’ DB WL (@ #12 DBs).