Monday Mar 2 2020

Every week we prepare for a goal within our programming, a Hero WOD each and every Friday. All the extra credit is for the most part based off of the upcoming Hero WOD, getting the athletes prepared for the battle ahead. I was posting the workouts at the beginning of each week so we all knew exactly what it is we are walking in to but do we ever really get to see the battles ahead of us in life? We know there are going to be battles that we must face but when they are going to pop up is absolutely unknown, in most situations of course. We prepare for these battles by working on our weaknesses no matter if they are speaking in public or just plain standing up for ourselves and the same goes within this gym. All the extra credit is for you and if you see something that you struggle with prior to Hero Friday on the whiteboard, odds are good you're going to see it Friday so might as well hone that skill a little bit if you have the opportunity. Don't let the need to see tomorrow interrupt your participation in today, just be accountable and prepared.
Have a great Monday.
1.) Fog
12 min cap
3 rounds
15/12 cal Assault Bike
5 Cleans 185/125lb (60-65%)
3 1Toes to Bar -> 1Bar Muscle Up
Note: 1 t2b + 1 bmu = 1 rep; wod is warmup for part 2 so don’t try to kill yourself on the part 1
2.) Every 3 minutes for 4 rounds 3 Front Squat @ 85%
*3.) Every 2 min for 12 min 1 Snatch @ 95%
15 minutes to work up to 95% Clean & Jerk
Every 2:30 minutes for 18 minutes 1 Clean & Jerk @ 95%
*4.) 10 minute EMOM
Odd: 5 Deadlift 315/225lb (65%)
Even: 15 second Rope Hang, arms must be at 90 degrees/15 second Rope Hang from full extension
*5.) 5 rounds
10 Bench Press 155/105lb
10 GHD Sit-ups

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Megan Vogel38d

Beast Mode Terri and Michelle! 💪🏻

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5:52. Dropped with one complex left. WHY WOULD I DO THAT
295# FS
7 something rx weight c2b t2b
Front squat 185
185# FS
8:06RX(full SC finally)
FS 315
10:26 RX
The last set I finally figured out how to string all 3 TTB and muscle ups together so that was neat! 235# FS 12/12
225# FS
95# clean. FS 135/135/135/145#.
11:58 Rx weight. T2b w/C2b.
FS @ 205#
#85 cleans, t2B into PU. 130# FS , romWOD.
340lb Front Squats
290 f.s.
6:44, 95# & T2B ->C2B
135# FS
#65 cleans #95 front squats
155# FS; 30 min emom alternating movements 10 cal row/12burpees
175# FS
1:10 to get LAST DAMN REP! Tried catching Justin B... not a chance. 🤣🤣 200# FS. ROMWOD.
Extra kips between the T2B & Bar MU. I need to practice this complex to gain proficiency. FS triples @ 285# / 5x5 DL @ 375# / *5.) complete in 10:20 with strict alternating twist L&R GHD sit-ups.
9:59 scaled MU
225-225-255-255 FS
9:58. Toes to 1/2 way to bar and pull-up rx cleans
235 front squat
8:23 (105#, c2b)
155# fs
9 something with a bathroom break. T2B->pull up/some chest to bars. At RX weight
FS 155#
9:12, 165# FS
10-1 strict HSPU/strict PU 😵🔥
9:14** & #115 B-FS
**#30 DBs PCln (hip)/5T2B + 3 K-COB PU😃❗️); ~318-330 W AB. EC: 3x{150 SU & 15 GHSU.
8:04 T2B->chest to bar pull-up, RX cleans
Front squat singles at 275 to keep babying my knees
9 something. I had to keep stopping to help Ian—he was struggling. 😉
FS at 175#