Ahsoka Tano

Monday Jul 8 2019

1.) 6 Rounds
400m Run
15 Burpees
10 Box Jump Overs 24/20"
*2.) 5 x 8 reps each.
Barbell supinated grip lat row
Wide grip strict pull up
Narrow grip chin up
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Sylvia Christensen98d

Woah 😍☠️

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Step overs for most rounds. Because my soul was crushed after the first round. That was hard.
22 or something like that.
Army PT test work
3 rounds in 13:30
“Elizibeth” w/7:15 crew (11:40)
Preg mods: bike, plank burpees, box step overs
30:00 on the nose
Slow as molasses but felt good to move again!
29:35 row 500 for run
“Elizabeth” w 7:15 crew — 13:34
Plus golfing at Royal Saint Patrick's!
29:40 5 rounds
Elizabeth 14:17 @ 7:15
12 mi bike on a beach cruiser & 5x5 BS to #135.
Today emphasized mental toughness and grit. Good workout for a Monday
29:05, bike, step overs