Thursday Jul 4 2019

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!
The gym will be open from 8:00-11:00am for the Hero WOD Scooter with a rolling schedule (start whenever you want). After that, the Annual Beer Mile will be at Betsy and Grant's house at Noon. There will not be a grill out after the beer mile this year, but you can bring a dish to pass for a family friendly social.
1.) 9 Rounds for time with a partner:
9 Bar Muscle Ups
11 Clean and Jerks, 155/105 lb. (Any Style)
50-yard buddy carry
-Share the work with your partner however you choose with only one person working at a time. If you can't find a partner, perform 5 reps of each exercise per round and find a heavy sandbag to carry.
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29:56 w/ Mike Heim
33:01 with Wifey
First (and last) Beer Mile - 17:05 yuck XP / Fun at the Soletski's pool!
23:45 done alone (ring rows, #75, small sand bag carry)
Air dyne 20 minutes
16 mi 🚴🏻‍♂️ & 22’ AMRAP
3R + 44 reps - 22 reps ea: DL(#105)/DU/Burpees/200m run/ball slam(#20#). (84 legit burpees!! 😃👊💪)
32:28 with Tom Schmidt
39:12 free solo