Leo Tyrell

Sunday Apr 7 2019

1.) Run 1 mile
Thrusters 95/65lb
Run 1 mile
Note time of first mile, Fran time, and second mile time all separately, as well as total time. 
2.) EMOM 7
5 Strict T2B
5 Strict HSPU
3.) Banded Shoulder Mobility
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Sal Bertuglia196d

🤔I feel like we are missing a crucial movement to make this 21-15-9

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Krystal Lowney191d

Ugh...our worst nightmare has been added to the 21-15-9.

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19:57 RX total
6:30 5:59 7:28
Hated it.
WOD in Riu Palace plaza
Running, DUs, pistols, push-ups, 10 minute run on the beach.
2 hours worth 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️
Mike and I did work