Olyvar Frey

Sunday Feb 24 2019

So the CrossFit Games Open has started and this year their are many changes. This year the top 20 in the open worldwide and the top athletes from each country of citizenship go directly to the games. Sanctionals are also a way for athletes and teams to make it to the games this year as well. Dave Castro (love him or hate him) has been absent so far and the media is not what it used to be. Don’t let all of these changes discourage you though. The open used to just get posted on CrossFit.com at 7:00 like the normal WOD posting. There was no show. Slowly it grew and became what most of us remember from last year.  CrossFit HQ is allowing others to handle all the media and sending a lot of the games process back to the community like it used to be. Just like CrossFit should be. Before the open, sectionals were a thing and they were all programmed by the individuals who ran them. Then there was the change from regionals to super regionals. Every change created upset people, but it was all better in the end. So, just R-E-L-A-X. 

If you are unsure about signing up, DO IT!  It is a great way to see your progress throughout the years. It will push you to reach new PR’s, push your capacity, and maybe even help you get your first pull-up, muscle up, or any other movement that you’ve been struggling with. 

The Open is a very important step in our masters/teens athletes road to the games. I can’t wait to see where everyone places in there respective age category and hopefully we can go back to Madison to cheer on some of our own! 
19.1 is here and it is a huge test of capacity with fairly low skill in the movements. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s classic CrossFit. Their are at least 4 more workouts, so if you are missing the sexy high skill movements.... just wait. 

This is one of Grants favorite times of year. The Open was always a big ball of fun, stress, pain, and hard work. So if you’re on the fence, do it for Grant since he is unable to attend with us this year. That’s why I’m signing up! Let’s push these next 5 weeks for Grant. You have until Monday to sign up and post your score.
1.) 5 Rounds
10 Strict Handstand Pushups
25 Double Unders
10 Strict Pullups
25 Double Unders
2.) Calf Smash
3.) Lacrosse Ball shoulder smash
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214 reps / 5 + 5 cal (19.1)
324 (19.1)
8+1 cal
1 rep better. I’ll take it.
21 reps better.