Sunday Jan 13 2019

Starting tomorrow, Monday, we begin our max out week. The WODs will be more low key to help keep you fresh all week long for establishing your new 1RMs. 
We begin with the least taxing movement for your central nervous system, the Strict Press. We work up in weight from there, establishing the Snatch on Tuesday, Clean & Jerk on Wednesday, take an off day on Thursday, then find the Back Squat on Friday and lastly, the Deadlift on Saturday. 
I want everyone to record their maxes in their profile on our website, as well as show it off for the world on your social media accounts!
1.) Row 1000m, then do 250 Double Unders (Scale to SU)
Every time you trip/rest, complete:
5 Strict Ring Dips (MU to high rings if able)
6 DB (at sides) Lunges 50/35lb
After 250 DU are complete, row another 1000m
2.) Glute Supernova Smash
3.) Banded Shoulder Mobilty
4.) Calf/Achilles Partner Smash
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6:15 yesterday’s workout at home with just 45 lb bar and sit-ups no med ball
3 rds 10 m hs walk/10 pushups/20 air squats
24:58 scaled
Dips and lunges every 25 du’s.. banded dips, 15# db
Banded ring dips