Run N Out

Tuesday Oct 23 2018

Our new Gymnastics Class continues today, focusing in on pull-ups this month.  Class is at 8:15am this morning with Kelly. 
Have a great Tuesday!
1.) 3 Power Clean every 2:30 minutes for 5 rounds establishing a 3RM 
3 minute AMRAP @ approx 90% of established 3RM
Repeat the same rep scheme as above for numbers 2-5 with rest periods no longer than 3 minutes between sets
*2.) Clean Pull 
*3.) Clean Deadlift 
*4.) RDL 
*5.) Bent Over Row 
1.) Run N Out
11 minute AMRAP 
50 Double Unders 
25 Deadlift 115/85lb
11 Bar Facing Burpees 
*2.) for time:
50 Front Squat 95/65lb
Note: Bar stays in Front Rack 
*3.) 10 minute AMRAP up the ladder 1,2,3,4,5....
Strict Pull-ups 
Toes to Bar
Bar Muscle Up 
*4.) 9 minute AMRAP 
1 minute Plank
40’ Plank Walk
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