River, Road and Air

Sunday Oct 21 2018

Choose your poison this morning with lots of fun things that will be going down this fine Sunday. First up at 7am Team WOD with Chuck. Three person teams doing a little workout by the name of “Rows & Toes” 
Then the regular WOD with Alyssa & Kelly at 8:15am. One coach will be on the weightlifting portion and the other coach will be on River, Road & Air. 
Get out of bed and start this cold Sunday off with a little warmth provided by good old exercise. 
Have a great Sunday!
*1.) Snatch 10-12 reps of 80-90%, If you’re feeling good do your thang!
*2.) Clean & Jerk 10-12 reps of 80-90%, same note as above applies 
*3.) 7 minutes to establish 2RM Front Squat 
1.) River, Road and Air
5 Rounds of 250m Row repeats
Rest exactly 1 minute between sets
Rest 2 minutes 
5 Rounds of 15/12 cal Assault Bike repeats 
Rest exactly 1 minute between sets
Rest 2 minutes 
12 minute cap
Unbroken Double Unders in sets of:
*2.) 7 minutes alternating every 30 seconds between Hollow Rock & Superman 

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Lifted stuff
Thank you Kelly for all the help today!
Studied for Calculus 2 Exam 2
8 mile foot march (assault pack)
1:21:18. PR on my 6 mile (58:18, roughly 7 minutes faster than September 🤗) perfect day for it 🌞
45 min HIIT Spin (~12 mi) & BFR bridges & squats -> 3×{25 GH & AMSU