Just Gonna Send It!

Sunday Jul 15 2018

Sunday funday everyone! We’ve got our Team Tom Fam competition from 8-11am if anyone would like to come watch! 
If you’d like to participate and somehow missed registration, show up tomorrow with a partner of the opposite gender and just send it!
Athlete check in is at 7am and briefing is at 7:30am so have your team there and ready to go by then!
Coach Amanda Zeamer will be helping out a lot the day of. Make sure you wish her a Happy Birthday!

At 1:30pm Steve K will have a swim instruction class and workout at the Ashwaubenon Aquatic Center. Free of charge to all athletes!
WOD 1 (9:69 cap)
36 Pullups (Int=Pullups, Sc=Ring Rows with feet under rings)
Partner run 400m
18 Chest to Bar Pullups (Int=Pullups again, Sc=Pullups)
Partner run 200m
9 Ring Muscle Ups (Int=C2B Pullups, Sc=Pullups again)
Partner run 100m
-Athletes must be next to each other on the run and cannot start gymnastics movements unless they’re together. 
-One athlete does gymnastics work while the other rests, switch whenever with no minimum work requirements

11:69 for both athletes to find 1RM Hang Clean - Any Style
-Both gender bars can be preloaded before timer starts.
-Clips must be used at all times or the lift doesn't count.
-Athlete must deadlift the bar up fully, then clean from anywhere between the knee and the hip.
-Only one athlete can lift at a time, so take turns loading and lifting. 
-The barbell must be off the floor before the timer beeps at the end of the WOD.
-Score is total pounds lifted between the two athletes.
-Intermediate athletes multiply score by 1.10% for a 10% handicap, Scaled athletes multiply score by 1.15% for a 15% handicap. 

WOD 3 (14:69 cap)
Women’s bar loaded to 125lbs (Int=105, Sc=85)
Deadlift/Front Squat
Complete 100 Double Unders (Int/Sc=DU or Penguin Jumps) before each set
-One athlete works, one rests.
-If the female is doing bar work, she does deadlifts. If the male is working, he does front squats. 
-Non-lifting athlete can have the rope in their hands, ready to go while the other athlete is lifting.

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Sent It w/Sylvia
7:03 | 410# | 8:31 | 5# clean PR for any style (PR as HC @ 240#)
Not too shabby if I may say. With Chady. That hang clean environment - BOMB!
With Honey Bunny.
6:15 / 440# total (170# hang squat clean) / 6:13
With hubby ;)
Sent it with Timm!
Sent it with Cody. PR cl. 140. A couple c2b in a row. Great day!
6:15 / 440# (270# PR! + 170# PR!) / 6:13
With Wifey :)
170# HC squatttt. Fun day!
9 MUs / 340 lbs / 9:56
Team Deadlift on Arrival with Liz
6:06 / 451# / 6:19
Intermediate with Keri; 255# HC PR and 155# HC PR