Vest Triplet

Tuesday Jul 10 2018

T-shirt orders are closed. We will order a few extra, so if you sucked and missed the cutoff, hopefully you'll luck out and get one in the size you want. 
As for this weekend, we have a lot of fun events going on:
Saturday, the gym is closed to CrossFit classes, and we encourage our members to join us for a super fun workout on the bridge for Aurora BayCare Open Streets. CFGB has a great opportunity to have a 45 minute workout on top of the Main St. bridge in Green Bay! We will have a booth set up from 9am-1pm, and the workout on the bridge starts at 10:45am! Bring your family and friends. 
On Sunday we have two events! In the morning, we will be having our Just Send It co-ed team competition to support Tom Fameree for making it to The CrossFit Games. Registration for this will close on Thursday night. Athletes can expect a detailed email on Friday. 
At 1:30pm on Sunday, Steve K. will be instructing his second of three rounds of swim WOD instruction at the Ashwaubenon Aquatic Center. These sessions are designed to give athletes more confidence in the water and get a great workout too, while being instructed by someone very experienced in the water.
 1.) Vest Triplet
3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
24 squats
12 burpee box jump-overs
20lb Vest
2.) Every 2 minutes for 6 rounds 3 Overhead Squats @ approx. 75%
*3.) 21-15-9
Assault Bike (Women subtract 3 cals per round)
Wallballs 25/16lb
*4.) 5 rounds
40โ€™ Farmer Carry
40โ€™ Yoke Carry
note: Add load each round
*5.) EMOM until unable to complete 5 Unbroken Muscle Ups

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Megan Vogel372d

This will be one I def will do when I get back!!!!

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120# ohs
No vest but done with a 14# medicine ball . 85# ohs
16:??, vest
135# ohs
150# OHS
13:15 20# vest
135 OHS, 6:50 WBs/assult bike
2 + 17 squats at 15:00 no vest
Run, 20# med ball for squats, hands and toes for burpees 35# OHS
12:45 no vest
185# OHS
17:57 black/orange vest step over 20"
#35 OHS
Worked to 215# OHS for the last 4 rounds
12:13 vested w/handsies & toesies
Much, much better than expected & w/both lungs intact. Back baby!!
Rest day (unplanned)
No sleep, no WOD. (no grit)..
10:46 RX
8x1 squat clean, FS & Jerk 85-150#; WB & AB ex. credit (5:12); 8 min emom 3 MU; Annie (5:53); max effort hspu & 25 dubs every min to 75 hspu (5:29)
11 burpees left at 15 min
Ran with stroller, 14# wb for squats and burpee step ups... toddler break in the middle.. 95# OHS
9:35 no vest 165 OHS 21 15 9 bike wb sub 5
3rds Bike 3/4mile- 24db muscle snatch@50-12burpees
EMOM until un able to complete 5 muscle ups-10+4 rounds.
15:53 w/med ball run
85# OHS
15:51 (step over)
First time with vest. OHS 75/80/85#(4)
14:57 RX
135# OHS
13:59 vested, BBO w handsies & toesies
I donโ€™t think my vest was 20#. OHS @ 75#
165# OHS / Ass bike and HSW work.
15:46 capped after getting the third run done, 20 inch box, weighted
55# OHS
16:18 Perfect Storm
1:23 DU, 8:37 mile, 1:45 row 6x3 BS at 275
14:24 no vest
145# OHS
13:38 Rx
145 # OHS ๐Ÿคฎ
215lb OHS
mods: ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ vested & .5 mile bike // OHS 65#
14:48 vested
85# OHS. Hands/toes BBO. Quick break to re-tape vest around me.
13:20 rx 20# vest
@ home 105# OHS
14:10 Vested / Step Ups
95# OHS
13:45 Rx 175# ohs
Ec#3 5:38, 2 rounds of yesterday's 150# sand bag
11:14 rx
135# OHS 2 rounds from floor
11:28 wearing my 20# vest / 215# OHS triples
13:15 No vest, biked one round
#85 ohs
145 OHS
13:48 built in belly vest
#95 OHS 6x5
14:40 vested/hands and toes box overs
OHS 100#
14:04, 20# vest. 135# OHS
Ass bike/wallballs (25#) 6 something. Other stuff
#10 vest, 8" step: 80 Step-ups (counted until last runner in the door), steping burpees & box overs OHS #65 from high rack. Abs: 3ร—{25 HR/10 banded Hollow Pulls/15 Russian twists (#15)/1' plank.
14:07 20# vest
11:43 Rx
135# OHS