Tuesday Feb 25 2020

 What does scaling mean in this gym? That answer depends on who you ask; to some it means defeat, to some an excuse, to some it is to progress according to my ability, to minimize injury and to be able to keep up the intensity that is what CrossFit is. The last answer there is pretty spot on and blaringly obvious as far as common sense but our silly brains will tend to lead us down different paths on different days so let's just take this as a reminder that we are here to workout and kick ass in everything we do.
Today's workout is a great example of another issue I would like to address: skipping a workout because you can't do something. Ummm what now? The fun part of all of this training is doing things we couldn't do before in various forms of movement. All movements really compliment each other and with improved repetition between them all, all movements will improve. If the first thing you said in your head as you read the workout is nope please see below and hopefully it goes from nope to yup! Just a few examples of the scales for today's WOD:
Handstand Walk - Handstand Holds - Barbell Overhead Holds
Muscle Up - 3 strict pull-ups/3 strict rings dips per mu - muscle up from the floor
Legless Rope Climb - 2-3 pulls legless then use legs - Rope Pull-ups
Have a well thought out Tuesday!
1.) Gerber
7 minute AMRAP
20’ Handstand Walk
1 Freestanding Handstand Push-up
Rest 2 min
6 minute AMRAP
20 Air Squat
1 Strict Muscle Up
Rest 2 min
5 minute AMRAP
20 Box Over 24/20”
1 Legless Rope Climb
*2.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 5 Push Press @ 70%
*3.) Hold a log for 10 minutes
Note: pick a heavy log and hold on to it however you wish for 10 minutes and please set them down nicely 
*4.) Every 3 minutes for 6 rounds 1 Snatch @ 90%
*5.) 3 rounds n.f.t.
10 Bent Over Row 95/65lb (supinated grip)
10 Hip Extension
10 Dumbbell Bent over Row 50/35lb
10 Back Extension
10 Wide Grip Pull-ups
10 Reverse Hyper

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RX for everything except free standing handstand
1. 5 rds + .69’ hsw 2. 7rds + 1 squat 3. 3rds +1 Box jump
7 + 20 RX. 5 Modified. 3 + 14 Modified.
Extra credit: Log carry- didn't set down; Push Press 100lbs.
Solid skill work
Breakthrough with bags on hsw/1 kipping mu when bags wasn’t looking/ 2+18bj legless half way up
Carried a log with the Wilson boys and Britt
6 Rounds Rx / 12 + 7 Air Squats / 4 + 7 Box Jump Overs
3x5 strict pull-ups and dips // ROMWOD w Sam!!! 👊🏼
3 completed rounds for each
Push Press EC
Lots of scaling but learning! Good skill practice !
Physics 2 Homework
Started PP EC but stopped because broken
15 miles bike
1 round RX/attempt a muscle up/2 round RX
First time handstand walking ever!