Thursday Feb 20 2020

Today the first kids of CFGB turn 19 and 15. Happy birthday Zachary and Emma, you two are pretty wonderful humans and we will never stop loving you. 
Have a great Thursday!
1.) Kids
2001m Row
19 Power Snatches 115/85lb
2005m Row
15 Bar Muscle Ups
*2.) 8 x 3 Split Jerks from blocks @ 65%
Note: complete all 3 reps before dropping to blocks
*3.) 6 x 2 Deadlift @ 85%
Note: keep rest under 3 minutes between sets
*4.) EMOM for 10 minutes
Odd: 15 second Assault Bike Sprint
Even: 12 Toes to Bar
*5.) 3 rounds
10 Supinated Grip Bent Over Row 115/85lb
5 Strict Wide Grip Pull-ups

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Megan Vogel47d

So cute! 😍


Tom Schmidt47d

Stacy Shadows!!!! I miss her! Happy Birthday you two!

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Kelsey Waack47d

Happy Birthday Zach and Emma!! 🎈🎉

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Justin Peterson47d

That poster is terrifying


Ashley Peterson47d

Happy Birthday Zach and Emma!

Thumb wodmother1

Theresa Rosenquist47d

😍HBD Zach & Emma!!🤩👊👊


james macco47d

Happy birthday, Zach & Emma!

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All the EC
MU from box; 65#
Didn't catch time - somewhere between 23-25.
Extra Credit - Deadlift 265. Slightly less than percentage. Done as E2MOM/ .
24:22* MU's off a box
EC #5 and some core work with Megan.
65# snatch, MU from a box Happy Birthday, Zach & Emma!
24:17 RX except strict pullups
24:04 RX
E.C. 6X2 deadlift with Ashley E. -7 SHPU between sets 435x2sets 455x2sets 465 475
23:51, banded BMU
22:50 rx
EC 5, core, rom WOD.
Worked until 9:30pm.
**#30 KBSnatchx36/BA-C2B&BA-RD}18 (‘cuz I forgot it was 15).
25 something
Ring MU
27:30, 45#, bike for 2nd row, ring rows & dips