Mail Room

Thursday Feb 6 2020

Success in weightlifting lies within the small details, success in business lies within the small details and I’d be willing to bet that success in life also, lies within the small details. Sometimes we’re so occupied with seeing everything that we never actually see anything thereby never really giving ourselves a chance to succeed. Zoom in a little bit and perfect those details you can actually touch. 
Have a great Thursday!
1.) Mail Room
start each round with 100m Shuttle(10m) 
Overhead Squat 115/85lb 
Toes to Ring
**Choose one extra credit **
2.) 7 min AMRAP 
10m Sled Push 45/25lb
3 Bar Muscle Up
3.) Every 3 minutes for 12 min 3 position Clean Complex @ approx 75% Clean from HH + 1 Clean from H + 1 Clean & Jerk from F
4.) 13 min AMRAP 
10 Back Extension
8 Wide Grip Strict Pull-ups
10 Reverse Hyper
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All the EC and Ice Bowl with
Ice Bowl Practice w/Sal
9:19? 95#
Extra credit - sled + BMU. Surprisingly exhausting.
Clean complex 85/90/95/100/100/100.
9:45.....95# OHS
12 mile run
3.) complete @ 135,165,185,195, & 205# / Overhead Tricep Extension up to 3@100#.
Not sure. The clock just said “slow”
10:18, 35#
Holdn down the fort for 6:15!!