Barriss Offee

Friday Jul 12 2019

The gym closes at 12:30pm today to set up for The DragonBowl. If you’d like to help set up, show up at noon and we can put you to work!
Tomorrow we have our first annual summer competition - The DragonBowl!
If you'd like to come spectate, the first WOD starts at 9am.
If you'd like to volunteer to help work equipment, athlete/spectator control etc, show up at 7am Saturday morning and we will put you to work! (Free coffee and food included!)

Saturday, July 13th, Aurora BayCare Open Streets workout at 10:45am on the Main Street bridge in Green Bay!
Bring your family and friends for a great workout that is just like our weekly Free Community Class!
1.) Goat (weakness) work
20 min EMOM
EVEN: goat #1
ODD: goat #2
-Pick (x) reps for each movement
-Maintain the same reps scheme from beginning to end
*2.) Full Body Smash
-Spend 30 minutes digging into all large muscle groups with supernova/lacrosse ball/partner's foot
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Chris Ness193d

Do we get a prorated discount for the 2 days?

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Handstand walk & Hips to Rings
7/11/19 WOD complete in 6:30 / .5 mile Echo Bike and approximately 50 DUs every round for 1.) / Started to organize the basement.