Eeth Koth

Thursday Jul 11 2019

This Friday the gym will close at 12:30 so we can set up for The DragonBowl. If you’re available to help set up any equipment, lanes, etc. please show up at noon and we can get you started!
This Saturday we have our first annual summer competition - The DragonBowl!
If you'd like to come spectate, the first WOD starts at 9am.
If you'd like to volunteer to help work equipment, athlete/spectator control etc, show up at 7am Saturday morning and we will put you to work! (Free coffee and food included!)
1.) OR *3.) 
Every 2 min for 5 Rounds
.4 mile Assault Bike, then ME Double Unders
2.) 30-20-10
Kettlebell Swings 70/53lb
-One Arm Overhead KB Carry 100m Door to Door after each round
-Anytime you set the KB down, do 10 KB Deadlift penalty
*3.) 20 min to establish 1RM Deadlift (if you missed it last Saturday)
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
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Done at work didn’t record time
7:21, 18# KB
215 lb DL PR
9:45 #45 KB
10ish DU each round DL 1 Rep @ 315
6:22 @ CF Omaha
21-15-9, DB squat snatches (30), and T2B. 5 rds of 4 BS, max at 225#
7:35(135 barbell run instead of OH kB)
5 rds Assault bike/DUs(60du per round)
6:18 26# KB
13:36 Rx
405# DL (30# PR)
7:00 scaled
6:40 with 35 KB
Assault bike and LOTS of DU practice
6:25, 35# KB
Some fun stuff w 7:15 friends
5 mile run
Before the heat and humidity return.🔥
Rpm@69 watts@420 69 du's per round
Laura wasn't feeling well :(
Done #27 kb
Assault bike and single unders
9:01 @ 53# 355lb DL
2 penalty rounds
6:13 @ 53#
345# DL (5# PR!)
9:37 Rx
32-40 DU’s per round
6:30 w lesser weights