1/2 Horton

Wednesday Jul 3 2019

On the Fourth of July, the gym will be open from 8:00-11:00am for the Hero WOD Scooter with a rolling schedule (start whenever you want). After that, the annual Beer Mile will be at Betsy and Grant's house at Noon. There will not be a grill out after the Beer Mile this year, but you can bring a dish to pass for a family friendly social.
1.) 20 min to establish 1RM Power Clean
-Don't repeat a current personal record. Go at least 1lb over!
2.) With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
30 Double Unders
15 Pull ups
15 Push ups
100-meter run

For the AMRAP, have one partner work while the other rests, switching after a full round is completed.
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6 rounds total-3 each with my sister
Bike for run, power clean to 125 no pr attempts
With Alyssa 3 rounds each
95# power clean - tied current PR
120# PC, 4 rounds RX
7 rds + some stuff with my emma
Mods here and there
8 rounds and 2 push ups with Timmmmmmm. And Jimbo followed us around.
310# Power Clean! HAD 315# BUT I WAS TOO FAR FORWARD :((((((
3rds w/Kelsey
190# Power Clean (PR); Workout w/7:15 crew (BJO, DB thrusters, ass bike, Devils presses)
4 rnds each with Scott for total of 8
140# PC
Every 90 seconds, 5 HPC @ 85# (cycled)
Fun with Toom (15 DU, ring rows, elevated PU)
6 rounds
140# PC PR- 5 mile run prior
8 rnds + 2 push-ups with Timm and The Boock.
PC @ 210#. 5# PR. / did some gymnastics stuff for ec
285 P. Clean
6 rounds- Solo
6 rounds with "T". Banded pullup. Knee pushup to practice close arm
145lb, 150lb fail . 20lb PR
2.5 rds with Todd
234# power clean...pr
3 rds w E-Waack
140# p.cl (15# PR) // workout w 7:15 crew ... 🥴🤢
Just over 5 rounds with Brennan
PC 127# (2# PR)
7 rds with Jordan!
170# Power Clean!
10+2 pull ups with Dusty
Worked out with Sam g. Also did stuff at 7:15
8 rounds + 3 Push-ups (Laura completed the odd rounds and I did the the even rounds)
267# Power Clean. 7# PR!
Just over 6 rds with mike green
225 power clean. PR 715 fun
Oh, that’s a DL. 😆 3full rounds of WOD w/ Jenn Mc. BA-PUs (10 v. 15) & BK-PU & row.
4 solo rounds
230lb, tried to jerk it too to be cool but failed and now am not cool
8 rounds total plus 2 pushups in round 9
with boss hoss Brad. Had Jimbo be the shadow to my timmbo. 205# PC PR
235# PC PR
Fun with Hannah
3 rds solo, several mods
failed 102# about 10 times. grrr.