Peppi Bow

Friday May 31 2019

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life. 
~Amy Poehler

1.) EMOM 8
3 Back Squat @ 75%
2.)20 min EMOM
Even: Gymnastics Goat #1
Odd: Gymnastics Goat #2
-Pick 2 weaknesses and do consistent sets, do not hit 10 reps for the first round and end up doing singles half way through.
*3.) EMOM 8
3 Bench Press @ 75%
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Krystal Lowney115d

Just to clarify...we pick 2 different gymnastic movements to work on every other minute?

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Justin Peterson115d


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BS at 135 (should be 140 but my legs are not happy #murph) goat Emom of strict pull ups and ring dips
HSW obstacle and strict RMU
195# BS. Felt great πŸ€™πŸ»
GHD/Hip ext. (+) boxed bar MU (chicklets)
170# back squat
Strict pull-ups (red band) Handstand walk (into wall) 225# deadlift
T2B and Ring Dip Practice
BS @ 215#
HSW and ring M-up work. / EC of Sand bag cleans and bike with Karl.
Ring dips and hand stand walk practice.
345lb Back Squat
HS Obstacle Walk Practice.
145# BS
HSW & BMU (until hands gave out)
EMOM - Handstand Walks / Hips to Bar
175# BS
135#bs. HSPU and strict pull ups
HBBS triples every 1:30 @ 285# / EMOM20: odd minutes - 5 strict pull-ups, even minutes - 7 strict ring dips.
Done. #115 BS.
Crossfit Glen Burnie
WOD - 5 RFT: 10 cal πŸ‘ bike, 10 burpees 6:22. 3RM weighted pull-ups ^25#. BS 180#
No box!!πŸ˜ƒ 20’ EMOM: 5 strict Pullups}x5 -> 8 pistols}x5/1 rope climb.
HSW/butterfly pull ups
#195# Front Squat. Neck doesn’t like the bar.
85# BS ~50%
planks & shoulder stuff