Mace Windu

Saturday May 4 2019

Today marks the first day of our new cycle: The Star Wars Saga. May the 4th be with you!
1.) 2 Rounds For time:
Run 400m
40 Air Squats
Run 200m
30 Situps
Run 100m
20 Pushups
*2.) Accumulate 50 DB S2OH 50/40lb
-Every time you set down DB, do 5 DB Burpee DL
*3.) 4 Rounds
19 Wallballs
19 Cal Row

Bradley Boockmeier295d

Oh no. 19 Wall Balls and 19 Cal Row. I just got chills.

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Open gym/Dragonbowl stuff
W Karl, Jimbo and Jake from State Farm.
*2.) complete in 2:49 (reps of 30,10,10) / WOD from 4/3/19 complete in 7:43 / *3.) complete in 8:36 / 2 rounds of: 1 minute star plank, 1 minute side plank with a 25# dumbbell on my hip, 1 minute opposite side plank with dumbbell. 1 minute rest between each movement.
14 mi bike/2 mi run
I did a whole mess of things.
Plus free wod
Another rest day 🤕
Stupid knee!🤬