Thursday May 2 2019

1.) With a partner
30 min AMRAP
Team Run 400m
30 Alt. Box Jumps 30/24"
Team Run 400m
20 Synchro Toes To Bar
Team Run 400m
10 Partner Deadlifts 495/420/345lb
2.) Partner Hamstring Smash
3.) Partner Calf/Achilles Smash
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500m repeats on the track with the college kiddos
Insert Toby Keith’s “I ain’t as good as I once was”
2rds + 30BJ & 239m SOLO
(and 4 T2B because I did it in the wrong order and then realized it 😂) DL @135# 24” box
3 + 1/2 mi on bike
215 DL, side DB crunches
Yesterday’s WOD. 5:04. I enjoyed that one.
I disagree with Tom and Tina. Tuesday's was much worse!
2 Rounds + 30 Box Jumps
3 + some running w Chris Ness
Lots of Preg mods
2 rounds + 2 box jumps with Addi. Tors to rig and DL at 175lb
3 rounds with :27 left on the clock
With Bryan S. And he refused to run at the end.
2rds+TTB & 50m
w Megan 👊🏼 ... pretty sure she had a 10 rep PR on her DL, but she at least pretended to let me help.
3 rounds + 375m run 420# DL w/ Honey Bunny
2 rds + 30 BJ + 400m Run with Dusty and Carrie!
2rds + TTB and 50m run.
Kelsey ran w the slow kid today. Thanks friend. + 4 BAR MUSCLE UPS - 1st ones since surgery. Didn’t know if I would get them back!!!
3 rounds + 375m run 420# DL w/ Wifey!
Tried Side Planks with 20 Dumbbell rows with a 15, 25, and 35# dumbbell. Tried Star Planks for the first time.
2R+2nd 400 With Sam G! 👊#3??
Other Mods: T2J-cup/16” BU & S-ups/AssBike. 1st 3 400m runs in 2 yrs!! 😃 (now I’m icing🙄).
2 rds + 1175m
with Cody