Sunday Apr 28 2019

We finished up another PR week and I am baffled at the amount of athletes that broke their old records! We will take a week off from strength work and focus on some gymnastics, and will begin a new EMOM cycle on May 4th.
1.) 25 min AMRAP
50 Double Unders
40 Front Squats 95/65lb
30 Toes To Bar
20 Alt. Pistols
10 Muscle Ups
2.) 3x10 DB Arm Curls
-Increase load each round
Thumb wodmother1

Theresa Rosenquist300d


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5x5 Pause Front Squat @ 225, 205, 205, 215, 225# / 3 rounds of 7 one-arm push-ups on each arm with a blue band around each shoulder / Sled push one time around the block with (3) 45# plates.
I showed up. I can say that much.