Janeya Frey

Sunday Mar 3 2019

1.) 20 min AMRAP
10 Squat Jerk 95/65lb (the goal is to catch below parallel, so scale accordingly)
10 Muscle Ups
30 Jumping Lunges
30 Cal Bike
2.) Supernova Glute Smash
3.) Lacrosse Ball Trap Smash
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Chris Ness204d

lol Jump lunges Seev and I’s specialty

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339 today!!
Big improvement from Friday!
Better than 3 yrs ago (201)...so I’ll take it!
2 + lunges
3 rounds
Had to sub treadmill for bike
20 mins of movement
Squat jerks with the bar, SPU and strict ring dips w green band
3 rds 3 squat jerks rx
+12 reps from Friday. Thankgoodness my DU were better than Friday!
Hanging knee raises for TTB. Kipped a little with them and NO PAIN. cleans felt good too!
Statistics HW / Food Prep
ALL sorts of things:
Reformer/Rehab (1 hr), KickrHUB bike 1:07:00/16 mi (hills!), & Yoga (1 hr)