Thursday Oct 4 2018

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Army Sgt. Patrick Hawkins, 25, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, was killed on Oct. 6, 2013, while conducting a special operations mission in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Hawkins was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment of Fort Benning, Georgia.

Hawkins’ friends and fellow service members remember his enthusiasm for CrossFit. He often used CrossFit training with his Fire Team and particularly enjoyed wearing weighted body armor during his workouts.

1.) Pat
Wearing a 20-lb. vest, 6 rounds for time:
25 pull-ups
50-ft. front-rack lunge, 75/55 lb.
25 push-ups
50-ft. front-rack lunge, 75/55 lb.
*2.) 3 Rounds 
20 Back Extension 
15 Reverse Hyper 
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Timm Uhlmann354d

It says, "body armor." Is that intended to include all body armor? Asking for a friend

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Grant Soletski354d

I’m not sure if you’re referring to nerd gear?

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Timm Uhlmann354d

My friend wants to assure you that it is very tactically sound gear. Not nerdy at all


Bradley Boockmeier354d

Hey guys

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Grant Soletski354d

Hi brad

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Chris Ness353d

I miss running

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32:17 no vest
16 in place lunges vs walking 50ft
Rx except ring rows for last round-torn hand
I’ll spare you my time....
Hip ext/ GH raises EC
40:17 push ups from knees and no vest. But I did all the pull ups (1 at a time.)
24:39 RX-vested
Hands are toast..yikes
28:51 vested
Faster than Nate, slower than Jimbo
16 step up 55# to jerk blocks in place of lunge. 15 pull up/10 ring row for 25 pull ups.
50:31 w/vest
Short pit stop along the way.
31:54 woof!
I saw Nate ditching his vest after the first round as permission for me to do the same.
23:33 Vested
3 mile vested run 30:25
SOTs press 5x5 add load up to 65#, 5 rounds 10 Bulgarian split squats/15 Hip ext./20 GHDs, Bench press 5 rep 115# (3 @125#)
Slower than JIMBO!!!
Tried vested and said screw that!
44:38, knee push ups
27:41 wearing my 20# vest
5x5 pull-ups (A few sets of 3-2) / All lunges UB / 5x5 push-ups / 10x5 pistols while holding a 53# kettlebell / EMOM10: odd minutes - 5 strict ring dips, even minutes - 10 red band ring dips.
No vest 38:34
Rx lunge, ring rows instead of pull ups ( ripped hands)
CrossFit NOLA: Reduced to a sweaty mess. Good times!
28:33 (55#)
Started with vest but had 2 no reps half way thru the first round of pull-ups.
39:53🤮 3 rnds of ring rows because bloody hand
No vest
I was a participant
Slow and methodical 42:47 w/ 20# vest (or was it 47:42?) . ^160# snatch bal. 3 rounds: 30 hollow rocks, 20ft HS walk, 10 lat lunge (35#). 5x5 sots 55-75#
rest day
7 mile rollerblade
No vest