Wednesday Oct 3 2018

So as usual I forget all dates important in my life and failed to mention on Monday that CFGB is officially 8 years old. To everyone that has been with me and this little gym from the beginning and to everyone else that hopped on board along the the way thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin, you are beyond appreciated. Most importantly thank you to Betsy and my kids that have weathered every storm along this journey to get us where we are today. Going in to this 8th year our greatest test to date is upon us as I will be leaving you all to fulfill my Military dreams as I head to Afghanistan to serve this great country for a year. While I am gone Justin will be taking the reigns and I don’t think I could’ve dreamed of having a better young man to do it. I love you all and already cannot wait to return to see what Justin and our coaches have accomplished in my time away. Love you all and again thank you for everything. 
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Have a great Wednesday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes 5 Push Press within 10% of established 5RM
*2.) Back Squat/Squat Jerk/Bench Press/Military Press
5 x 5 @ approx 90-95% of 5RM
Note: If you are lacking a 5 rep max of any of these lifts go ahead and take the 5 rounds to establish one. 
1.) Gimlet
5 rounds
50 Double Unders
20 Deadlift 155/105lb
15 Toes to Bar
*2.) 7 minute AMRAP 
5 Front Squat 225/155lb
7 Box Jump 30/24”
*3.) 5-4-3-2-1
Rope Climb
Wall Walks
*4.) 21-15-9
Hang Power Snatch 75/55lb
Chest to Bar Pull-ups 
*5.) 5 rounds
20 Abmat Sit-ups (knees together and soles of feet flat on ground)
1 minute GHD Parallel Hold 

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Jennifer McFall475d

Can someone ensure I'm wrote down for means large. Thank you

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Grant Soletski474d

Yes I can Jennifer


Jake Plennes474d

You’re down for 1 men’s large

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Pp@85#. Sit-ups and planks.
PP @ 55#
155# DL, T2Jcup
PP 115# x3, 125# x2
13:55 scaled
75# DL, pu off box for t2b, 70 su.. did extra round for funsies 16:40.. 65# PP
Graveyard Games workouts with Chris and Lauren
230# 5x5 Push Press 285# 5RM Bench Press - need to do that more
16:11 145# PP
16:00 rx
PP @80#
19:59 Rx
135# PP @P
17:14 with mods. PP @ 85#
Mix of DU, SU and penguins. RX DL. T2 parallel
24:26 w/135#dl, 125# push press
Slower than Nate.
135# for PP
16 ish with mods
^ 85# pp, 85# DL.
16:40, 115# deadlift, 65# pp, shoulders suck
2.6 mile buddy run
12:31 scaled
45-50 lb pp. 30 du first round then 20 on rest, 85 lb deadlift (felt easy), 15 t2b first round then half up the rest. Should’ve Rx the dead’s...
18:23. 135# DL. Toes not to bar
185# PP
9:26 125# pp
Backsquat 5x5 @215,220,225,230,235
18:57 Rx-ish
Didn’t make contact on all t2b, trying to lose my extra swing...thanks for the tips Kelly😊
100# PP; sit-ups/parallel holds ✅
Push press 115#, FS doubles up to 195# (blacked out at 205#, woah, lol), strict dip EMOM
16:28 - that was fun!
95# PP
14:17 RX / 100# PP
Thanks Alyssa for the strategy. So helpful!! 3-2-1 rope climb/wall walk, FS/BoxJump AMRAP, ab Mat/GHD hold x 2 (those were spicy)
Pp 165#
PP ^ 185#
20:25 rx, 75# push press
Tripped several times on DUs :( All DL UB :) T2B UB, 8-7, or 3x5 / 5x5 Push Press @ 195# / Yesterday's hang snatches from blocks: 40kg WU, 50kg, 60kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg. Then (8) reps @ 70kg for the 3 min AMRAP / Whiskey & Rye from yesterday complete in 4:25 with UB Overhead squats. Got pretty shaky on reps 26-30 :/ Rolled out legs, then 5-4-3-2-1 of 345# DL and strict deficit HSPUs with a 45 + 25 plate deficit (Attempted [2] 45# plates but was failing too often.)
18:24 #95 DL, all du and t2b,last round did 100 singles
#80push press, 15 minutes airdyne
95 pp/ Moved
min du/UBdl/V ups 35 ubghd/3rds scaled pistols
16:14 mods:10 toes to j hook, 5 toes to bar
H8 U DUBS. 5 rounds: 4 FS (155), 10 box jumps (24”), 800m run 34:47 🌞
***SuperMODs: 100 tiny line hops/#45 SA KB DL/supine leg lifts. 4×{15 #18 SA KB Cln/15 KB Sq./15 HR.
16:09 rx
135 PP. Felt tired after all of yesterday's stuff. EC 4 with c2b & power snatches 6:47.
PP @ 115#