Sunday Sep 23 2018

The constant need within our brains to get better is exhausting sometimes as itโ€™s so much work to stay positive. On the other side of the fence though is the constant thoughts of just throwing in the towel, so much easier. Classic good vs evil battle reoccurring daily right here in our own heads. The good news is if you have that need to always improve you have the will. Now you just need to fold that towel up, put it back in the drawer and get to doing. 
Have a great Sunday!
1.) Lift-Row-Lift
Spend 12 minutes to work up to heavyish Snatch for EMOM 
1 Snatch EMOM for 7 minutes 
1000m Row for time
Spend 12 minutes to work up to heavyish Clean & Jerk for EMOM 
1 Clean & Jerk EMOM for 7 minutes 
*4.) 2 Front Squat every 2 minutes until failure adding load each round, starting @ approx 70% of 2RM
*5.) 3 Rounds 
25 Wall Facing Squats
25 Hollow Rocks 

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Lost to Tom. Still mad. ;)
3:36/115# Snatch/145# C&J Shoulder was happy the whole time! Whoop whoop!
4:08 row. 75#squat, 120#cln & jerk
3 mile run
77/3:37 1.3 ass bike/105
125# snatch, 165# C&J
Shower & dressed, 40 min faster than Fri. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ + 15 min AssBike, legs only, 1ร—{15 #15 GM, 20 stat. Lunges, 10 #18 RDL L/R, 1' Boat pose (elev.), & Banded walking.
3:26 1k row
135# snatch, 185# C&J