Wednesday Sep 19 2018

CrossFit Green Bay and Green Bay Barbell begin as one today. 4 days a week every class will be doing some form of weightlifting during regular WOD times in the area formerly dedicated to Green Bay Barbell. So on those 4 days there will be up to 10 opportunities a day to get full on eyes on the two most important lifts that we do often. No matter if we are preparing for a weightlifting meet, a CF Comp or just preparing to kick ass at life we will all become good at Weightlifting. Now though, if you are just in it for weightlifting the programming will be the same schedule as our regular WODs 3 on 1 off and will have 4 - 5 parts each day. On the days Weightlifting is in the programming all athletes will need to attend classes, after the weightlifting is complete those that want to continue the weightlifting you can carry on or as always you are welcome to throw down on a WOD!  As far as competing Green Bay Barbell is still our Weightlifting Club and who will compete under when we lift at meets. I hope this clears up some confusion about our new structure. 
Have a great Wednesday!
1.) Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes 3 Snatch from Blocks @ Hang, adding load each round establishing 3RM 
3 minute AMRAP @ 90-95% of 3Rm
*2.) Repeat no.1 using Snatch Deadlift and Bent Over Row with 5 reps intstead of 3 establishing a 5RM with a 2 minute AMRAP 
*3.) 50 alternating Pistol Squats holding 1.5/1 pood Kettlebell. Every time you pause complete 10 Alternating Box Step Ups (no KB) with a 24/20” Box
1.) Flam-Buoyancy 
Starting at 1 Rep of each then 2 of each, 3, 4 and so on until time expires 
7 minute AMRAP 
Toes to Bar
Bar Muscle Up
*2.) 3 rounds
9 Push Press 155/105lb
15 Bar Facing Burpees
*3.) 20 minute Partner Sled Push Alternating Every 100m (D2D) 2x45/45lb
*4.) 9 minute AMRAP 
40’ Sandbag Carry
5 Free Standing Handstand Push-ups 
Note: Carry bag however you wish
*5.) 5 rounds
10 GHD Sit-ups 
20 Banded Twists (10L/10R)
10 Single Arm Dumbbell Push-press (5R/5L) 65/45lb
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^42 kilo snatch 16snatches@38kilos?
2/6 baby bar muscle ups
Snatch at 70 for 3 and 15 @ 55
135# 3RM snatch, 7 @ 125#
T2B, no BMU hit today
47 kilo snatch
3/5 bmu... red band
9+10t2b; snatch-75kg; 7@69kg
Partner wod w/LK
21 t2b 18 MU
Snatch at 45 kg - form work
4/7 box BMU
Hang snatch ^33kg. 10@30kg
A little random partner workout with JB
2/6 BMU green band
Snatch 3RM ~34kg
6/6 / mod bmu for bmu attempts
55kg/ 15 @ 50kg.
Present, heavily modified
Snatch 41kg
7/7 t2b...mods for bmu
65 kg sn then 8 at 60 kg
Snatches up to 90kg.
7/2 low bar mu
65# snatch, 11 @ 55# 5673m row (30mins)
5/5 t2b Rx
Snatch 30ish kg
Snatches ^50kg, 6 @ 45kg; 7:12 for PP & burpees; handstand practice
7 rounds **
Toes to j cup / strict pull ups. HS to 41kg (shoulder). 4x400m (trying to not suck at running).
7 of 7 t2b
Snatch 80kg 8@ 65kg
Snatch 31kg,, 28kg 15 reps. 7t2b, 1 bar mu. Mu front clavicle height bar.
6 out of 8 T2B
Hang snatch triples: 60, 70, 74, 80, and a single @ 84 kilos, followed by 5 reps @ 80 kilos / *2.) complete in 4:46 / Got 2 minutes into *4.) but then strained my left trapezious while rolling out of a FSHSPU. Neck and back were sore from leaning over the table while studying. Lesson learned to do a better job stretching out my back and neck! / Rolled out back and neck / 2x25 arm curls with barbell / 3x10 lateral flys with 20# dumbbells
3/7 BMI on low bar
Snatch ^30ish kg
28kg 17 reps, 5 T2B low bar MU
Hang snatch 40, 47, 52, 55, 59kg / 6 ME @ 57kg. 5 rounds: 2 rope climbs, 14 alt pistols 11:14. Pistols/box step ups✅
46kg snatch. 28 t2b 21 bmus
Handstand work. Ghds and more strict t2b
7 + 8 t2b
Snatch up to 58 kg
5/6 bmu
125# snatch x 13
2/8, toes2rig & push ups
Snatch 30#, 20 @25#