Sunday Sep 16 2018

Handstand Walks are becoming a regular activity amongst many as of late within the doors of CFGB. I gotta confess it is fun to watch but none the less it is very cool to see so many people practicing and building the ability to walk upside down. Like so many people. What I’m getting at here is the fact that I believe in everyone of you within this little gym and the only thing holding you back from achieving success is you. You want it or not?
Have a great Sunday!
1.) 14 minute Snatch AMRAP working up to Heavy Single
2.) Vt
11 minute cap
20’ Handstand Walk
100 Double Unders 
40’ Handstand Walk 
75 Double Unders 
40’ Handstand Walk
100 Double Unders 
20’ Handstand Walk
*3.) 2 Front Squat every 90 seconds for 5 rounds working up to session 2RM
*4.) 10 minute Sandbag Bearhug Hold
Note: Record total time held within 10 minutes
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^50kilo snatch (110)
I can’t remember my time 😱 7:39?
Snatch to 90#
Made it to 50 of 2nd 100 DU. And I handstand walked. (Not well, but I did it!)
SN 253
75# snatch. (form. Easing in). FS 210# 2rpm.
Calculus 2 Homework
Sn 25-36 kg /11:00 work
Box walk/du work 2:00 and 1:00
*👵:40 alt Shldr taps/200 SU/80 Alt. Shldr taps/75 SkiErg pulls/80 alt. Shldr taps/100 SkiErg pulls.DL v. Snatch: up to 3@#215, 21 reps/14 min.