CrossFit HQ WOD 180909

Friday Sep 14 2018

Today’s workout is about perfect squats. Perfect. Precision driven movement making sure every squat begins with posture, followed closely by hips and then let Mother Nature do her work. The Rope Climbs on the other hand, go up come down and go right back up. Don’t sit there and stare at the rope, get on it and climb. Can’t get to the top, pick a point doable repeatedly and do that but just get on that rope! Enjoy squatting very very well today. 
Happy Friday
1.) CrossFit HQ WOD 180909
For time:
100 squats
15-ft. rope climb, 4 ascents
75 squats
15-ft. rope climb, 3 ascents
50 squats
15-ft. rope climb, 2 ascents
25 squats
15-ft. rope climb, 1 ascent
*2.) GHD Annie 
Double Unders
GHD Sit-ups 
Note: Scale GHD’s to Abmat Sit-ups as needed. 
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Rope pulls, Ghd annie not for time
Abmat/DU Annie
First 2 rds dbl rope pulls, last two rounds rope climbs. GHD Annie 16:?? (105 GHDs, then situps...that one's gonna hurt tomorrow) :)
9:04 Annie sub abmsu
9:40 RX ghd annie not for time
GHD hang power, MU EC from wed. Abmat Annie
14:32 rx
Annie (50/50 abmat sit up/ghd) 9:41
GHD Annie. Half ab mat sit-ups, half GHDs. 🐧
11:20 First 5 ropes @ legless.
GHD Annie for EC. Woof. Yay, Rabdo.
21-15-9 20lb db thruster, row (600m, 400m, 200m) 6:22
Then 500m row 2:18
I was there!
Ghd Annie 10:42 —> quads 🔥 Yoga 🧘‍♀️
10:48, GHD Annie
GHD Annie EC
GHD Annie EC. Mob.
10:11 using the short rope, so legless for the first half of the ascents.
8:42 GHD Annie / EMOM10: 3 parallette HSPUs with no fails :)
Squats to ball, RC to 10' (👶!!): GHSU Annie: DU×2 & V-Ups - 10:24. ,🔥🧘‍♀️🔥
GHD Annie + mu work
8:30 (half the GHD’s)