Partner 2K Row/Partner Monti

Tuesday Sep 11 2018

Today is the day that started in the Middle East and the day we lost our innocence. It’s been 17 years and the day is still one of my most vivid memories from watching the second plane hit while eating breakfast with Johnny B and my Dad to holding on to Zachary (8 months old) all night watching the neverending  replays of the carnage. Anyways, long story short this is the day when our military went all in 17 years ago and continues today still carrying on this battle in the Middle East. The battle is much different today but the danger is still present. If you’re too young to remember the events of that day you’re never too young to remember those serving on all battlefields all across the world. Today is Patriot Day. 
Yo Tuesday👊🏼🇺🇸
1.) Partner 2000m Row, alternate every 200m
note: this is a sprint so make that transitions fast like lightning
2.) Partner Monti
Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti, 30, of Raynham, Massachusetts, was killed on June 21, 2006, during combat operations in Gowardesh, Afghanistan. Monti was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 71st Calvary, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, New York. He was awarded the Medal of Honor on Sept. 17, 2009.
Partner "Monti"
5 rounds for time of:
50 step-ups with 45/35-lb. barbell, 20-in. box (alternate every 10 reps)
135/95-lb. cleans, 15 reps (alternate every rep)
50 step-ups with 45/35-lb. barbell, 20-in. box (alternate every 10 reps)
135/95-lb. snatches, 10 reps  (alternate every rep)
note: The cleans and snatch can be done full or power, both male and female will use a 20" box. Athletes will have their own bars on the Step Ups holding on to the bar the entire step up portion. 
*3.) Do as written
A.) 20 minutes to warm up to 5RM Power Jerk 
B.) 20 minutes Assault Bike 
At the top of every minute for 20 seconds complete all out sprint
Note: During the time you’re not sprinting you should pick a watt and try to maintain as this is for max cal 
C.) Two Rounds at 3 minutes 
ME Power Jerk @ 95% of 5RM
ME Power Jerk @ 90% of 5RM
D.) 1 minute ME Assault Bike cals 
*4.) You can do one of these in place of the Power Jerk: Back Squat/Push Press/Bench Press 
*5.) 3 Rounds 
20 Back Extension
10 Bent Over Supinated Grip Barbell Row, heavy but beautiful 

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Jennifer McFall373d

I'm doing this after my fitness test this week, I remember doing it last year

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39:38 w/Buntin.
The struggle on the lunges was real for me.
42:00ish With Lowney
95# clean, 65# snatch, 7:58 row Woof
Done w/Dr. Brian
34:24 w/Hollie
65# clean and snatch 8:12 row
25 min solo 1/2
5x200m row
Myself and Heim Daddy
6:05 & 30:55
Extended rehab
$150/month to NOT go to CrossFit seems like a steal. #feelinggoodlouis
34:15 with Jess 85#
26:06 with Justin 6:32 Row
7:24; 31:51 with LK
Push jerk 5rm @ 185; Bench press 5rm @245
30:42 w/Bryan
36:56 135 clean 115 snatch
Worked with Maria she did 95/65
3 rnds + 11 cleans
Partner with Angie (thanks for the push!) No idea on row time. 75# clean (elbow restriction), 55# snatch. 30 min.
Sarah and I got 4 rnds in before our self-imposed time cap at 31:11 (had to get to school).
Dad @ Rx weight. Sarah @ 55#. Could not be prouder of my 13 year old for getting out of bed early and crushing the workout with her old man! And this following her normal 4 hour workout at Air Force Gymnastics last night.
3 rounds with Toni @ 25 min cap
Used a 65# bar, no idea on row time. Wished we would've put 10s or 15s on for the Cleans. Next time!
Nate 42:10. Row 7:08 with Dinger
38:35 with Barbi and Liz
1000m row 4:35. 3x5 hpc 85lb. 3x5 snatch 75lb
7:07 row with Bill
39:14 rx weight but 16"box for me
26:06 With Chris N.
6:32.2 Row
Monti 49:37
42:00ish. 95# cleans/65# snatches
38:23 rx with Shannon
8:07 row
31:51 with Chris, 7:24 on row
Push jerk 5RM 135#, 20min AB 152 cals, PJ 5 @130 & 5 @120, 1min AB 16 cals lol....5RM bench 120, 7@115, 10@105
38:35 with Jenni & Barbie!
37:31 with Kayla.
7:30 row. + heavy squats w Kelly. 🎉 I snatched today. As in I took weight from the ground to overhead without PAIN 🎉 yes I’m having a small party to celebrate.
With Bradley Book
6:05 & 30:55
With Lisa 7:37 row, 38:30 55#
Studied for Calculus 2 quiz.
W/ Reese. 4 rounds #65 cleans and snatches
8:13 row/39:13 Monti
95/75 with Michelle
With Tom Fameree
6:46 row/4 rds cap (95 snatch)
4 rds after cap w/ Jeremy
38:23 with Laura - clean 95#, snatch 85#
Row 8:07
Monti: 26:38 4 Rounds** w/ Brandi
8:15 2k row; Scl'd Monti w/: 12" box/#55 PCln; EC: 20 min AssBike (130 cals); TNT: 2k row: 9:48 - 911: 8:25 - 2k row: 9:56.
3 rnds by time cap. 8:01 rowing w/ Kim
MU & BMU work. handstand work. increasing 1 T2B/1 strict PU, increasing one rep each round, 30 seconds rest
6:46 w Ryan F
4 rds w Ryan at 30 min Cap
34:25 w Schmidt
3 rds + 70 with Holly & Sydney