Sunday Sep 2 2018

Labor Day CFGB will be closed and the WOD will take place at Red Smith Park at 10am. Following the workout we will be heading over to the Jake and Dani Plennes estate for an afternoon of fun. Please head over to the CrossFit Green Bay members page for details and to rsvp if you’re coming. A dish to pass would be much appreciated!
Have a great Sunday!
1.) Locomotive 
20 minute AMRAP 
10 cal Row 
2 Box Jumps 36/30" 
1 Snatch 
20 minute AMRAP 
10 cal Row 
2 Box Jumps 36/30" 
1 Clean & Jerk 
note: Record heaviest load. 
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Lots of rounds
117# snatch (2# PR!) 125# CJ, missed a 5# PR at 140# twice.
155 squat snatch (first time trying so technically pr)I 215 clean & jerk (30# pr)
255# Squat - 10lb PR! Clean work w/ Kelly.
+ Team WOD. Successfully hung from the bar today. My biggest win in 4 weeks!!
Traveled back to Green Bay, grocery shopped, unpacked.
165# power snatch, 215 clean no jerk (shoulder = garbage)
55 mile bike
3:44:?? Longer than I wanted, tailwind first 25 then 💨💨💨☠️