Wise Decision

Friday Aug 31 2018

This Monday is Labor Day and our workout will be taking place on the road at Jake and Dani Plennes residence. Workout begins at 10am followed by a cookout and party. Everyone is welcome and if you are coming either let Jake and Dani know on the CFGB Members Facebook page or letting them know while you’re at the gym. A dish to pass would be appreciated as well. 
Have a great Friday!
1.) 5 Power Clean from High Hang Blocks every 2:30 for 5 rounds working up to a session 5RM
Then continuing every 2:30 complete
7 Power Clean @ 95% 5RM
9 Power Clean @ 90% of 5RM
Note: Drop Bar to blocks after each rep, reset and pull relatively quickly
*2.) 10 Clean Deadlift every 3 minutes for 9 minutes adding load working up to a session 10RM
Then continuing every 3 minutes 
Max Effort @ 95% of 10RM
Max Effort @ 90% of 10RM
Note: Clean Deadlifts are to be hook gripped with no mixed grip
*3.) 50 reps Single Leg Step-ups 24/20” 35/25lb Dumbbells
Note: Working leg must extend fully before non working leg touches top of box. Doesn’t need to be fast just keep moving
1.) Wise Decision
Hang Power Snatch 75/55lb
Toes to Bar
Row, cal 
*2.) 20 minute AMRAP with a partner 
Switch after partner completes triplet
5 Sandbag Cleans 150/100lb
10 cal Assault Bike 
15 Burpees 
*3.) 5 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
10 GH Raise
10 Barbell Goodmorning, light load
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35# B.B. all except 6 cals.
I did 66 t2b yo!!!!!
14:10 mod TTB
Up to 100 Kg
12:38 sub knee raises (working on getting core back)
53 kilo, 51, 48
10Rope climbs-2:23 3 rds of 30GHD, 90sec plank 20min amrap partner wod 5 sandbag cleans 150# 10cal bike 15 burpee
14:41 RX 83kg 5RM clean
4/11 t2b
45# hps, 5 t2b/6 legs to L. Mobility for shoulders instead of cleans (unhappy elbow)
clean ^ 50kg
did the round of 33 but then it was 6:15 already & I had to leave for work >:(
15:18. T2B got me like. 🖕🏼
Front squats, 5x5 ^ weight. 85-115.
13:40 45push press, toes to rig, row
77lb, 83.6lb, 90.2lb, 99lb, 121lb. 110.0lb x7. 105.6lbx9
80 kg, 16:08 rx
Up to 90kg HH Power Cleans
38kg, ??, 35kg
12:48 — pcl @ 55#, kbs @ 35#
14:44 (I suck at t2b and then went slow on the row feeling bad for myself...LOL)
Up to 60kilos HPC...partner EC with kelly, 25 strict wide grip pull-ups
8 / 11 T2B at cap RX
55kg clean
HC for Snatch/GHD for TTB. 50-67kg HC. Clean DL 125, 155, 185. ME - 14/16. 50 DB Step Ups. 3 rds Rev Hyper/GH Raise/GM. ALL THE EC with Buntin! Welcome back!
90 kg clean
45kg, 44kg, 43kg. 17 min, 35# snatch.
Traveled to Prentice, WI.
6/11 cal, #45 snatch, 33 t2b, then switched to toes to j hook
Cleans with shannon :)
15:34 (55#)
52kg hhpc
14:51 55#, toes to j hook
Cleans with Rachel- still need work keeping track of kg
155# 5RM. 7x150, 9x140
That's it! Week started with "Eva" & ended w/ that thing yesterday .....💀....much needed relax day.
14:20 RX
Power Clean to 66 kgs. 7 min handstand walk as far as possible in 10 ft increments to 90 ft. 3 rnds (30 ghds, 1:30 plank)
Up to 85kg