Carrie On

Wednesday Aug 22 2018

Today’s WOD celebrates the birthday of Betsy’s sister Carrie who passed away in 1996. We started this workout in 2011 and have done it on this day ever since. Originally when I wrote it up Betsy was none to pleased that it wasn’t 3 Rounds and the fact that you can’t put the plate down was just plain silly. At that moment I knew that her sister, who may have occasionally picked on her little sister would approve of the workout. We all love you Bets. 
Have a great Wednesday!

**Joe from Aurora will be in this morning from 6:15am to 7:30am**
**Workout will be done first and then head back to Blocks to complete snatches**
1.) Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds 5 Power Snatch @ High Hang from blocks
Note: Use last weeks heaviest 5RM and load bar within 10% of it. 
*2.) 10 Snatch Deadlift every 3 minutes for 3 rounds then drop weight 10% and complete 1 Max Effort Deadlift set
*3.) 3 Rounds 
10 Kettlebell Front Rack Pistol Squat (10R/10L) 1.5/1 pood, rest as needed between sets
1.) Carrie On
5 Rounds, for time
Run 400m with 45/25lb bumper plate
Lunge 50 feet with 45/25lb bumper plate
45/25lb bumper plates shall be carried throughout the entire 5 rounds. If plate gets set down at any time there is a 5 burpee penalty, so if you need a rest and you sit the plate down you owe 5 burpees. The plate can be held however you wish.
*2.) for time
42 cal Assault Bike
21 Bar Muscles Up
*3.) 3 Rounds 
10 Dumbbell Single Arm Split Jerk, R 50/35lb
25 Double Unders
10 Dumbbell Single Arm Split Jerk, L 50/35lb
25 Double Unders
*4.) 5 minute AMRAP 
5 Hang Power Clean 185/125lb
7 Strict Handstand Push-ups 
*5.) 5 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
20 Sledghammer Swings
10 Barbell Good Morning 75/55lb

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35kilo ps?
Snatch at 28kilos. Improvement from last year.
25 kilos snatching
Snatches at 60 Kg
15:21 RX. 69k 😏
79# PS
42cal AB 21BMU
13:25 RX
Yellow plates for HH snatch
17:33 54 kg
42 cal AB 21 MU
20 step ups on low box instead of lunge. Snatch 30kg.
Snatch ^52.5# with Michelle. Worked on form. Only did 3 rounds bc we ran out of time
17:26. RIP Carrie (2:25 PR)
53k for Snatch. / EC #3 SPJ & Dubs.
21:15 RX, 32kg snatch and really worked at form
25 kg snatches 😳 accidentally typed 45 earlier thinking in lbs 🙃
Lots of mobility and stretching for tomorrows fitness test
22:15 at 25#
55kg...121 sn
👶🏼 mods: walked 2x200, 3x400
14:21 done on Thursday
18:17, 24 second PR
77# HH PS, 16 strict wide grip PU, Assault bike/banded BMU, Handstand walks/hips to rings, bench 105#/12 ME 95#, pistols with no weight
16:11 RX
Crossover Sym sub for snatch. Rev Hyper/GM X 2 rds. Back later for mobility and more shoulder rehab. 😏
14:09 rx
65 kg
Does anyone know how much I love to run?
17:43 15#, 28kg snatch
Hart Company Picnic. Took 2nd place in the cornhole tournament! Completed Carrie On during the 5:15 class on 8/23/18.
17:25 rx
30 kg,66# sn
15:42 RX (2:05pr) my favorite WOD
No idea what I snatched but it was light and enjoyable
**👵12:15 - 100m w/#45 & WL w/#25 (last round @#45 lunges🙀); HH-PCl; 3×15{Incline abs/R-HYP/Hollow Pulls; BFR knees.
Rest 😪
Three leg it days in a row would be too much 💁
Love you Betsy! 💜
God Bless!