Overhead Squat

Friday Aug 10 2018

Today we lift weight. 

1.) Overhead squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Note: warm up to a starting set approx 65% adding load each round. Rest no longer than 3 minutes between sets 
2.) 16 minute AMRAP 
18 Wall Facing Squats
14 Back Extension 
10 Bent Over Dumbbell Row, heavy
6 Tripod->Headstand
Bent Over Dumbbell 
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Oh my abs!
155# (PR)
Inched up to 155#. 40# DB πŸ˜‘
Rock climbing up the North shore of Lake Superior
205x3 then single 235.
95# (PR)
3+12 wall squats
65-105# OHS
Up to 265lb x 3
Got my first ever freestanding HSPU today! Was able to work up to a set of 4 UB!
155# for 3 and then hit 2 @ 160# (3# PR for single)
Mile and a half run, a little bit of accessory, now rest😊
^140# OHS
PR (never gotten heavy with OHS). Gameday Online Qual Workout 1. 20 min AMRAP - 10cal row/10 WB, 11/11, 12/12... Got 5 cals into rd of 21. Paced too much. Bar MU work - STRUNG 4 together! Whoop Whoop! Day made. +50 TTB.
Crossover Symmetry Recovery/ ROMWOD
65-100 ohs failed #105
55-95 (no PR)
^155# OHS 3RM
Holleyman 30:20 gross
BS v. OHS, Pause 2-3", 3 rounds, DB BOR#40, 15' BFR Ass.Bike. πŸ”₯🧘πŸ”₯
160# OS, which is both a 1RM and 3RM πŸ˜…
Lost balance at 165 twice and called it. Will be back next week with another go at it!
Up to 225#
30#, plus the other stuff