Perfect Storm

Friday Jul 6 2018

Alright guys, the time is here to order your Team Tom Fam shirts for The CrossFit Games!!!

The design is awesome ("Team Tom Fam" on the front, "Just Gonna Send It" on the back) and we're going to be printing it on heather white tri-blend t-shirts for both men and women as well as racerback tanks for the women. This will help keep you cooler while in the hot sun cheering Tom on!
Tri-blend shirts run a tad bit tighter than our regular shirts we carry, but the tanks run a little looser. 

I'm waiting on an art mock up for official photos of the shirts with art, but I will make it live in the store so you can order if you know what you want. 

The shirts will be $20 for the first 69 orders, then they'll go up to $25 each after that, so don't hesitate!
We will be ordering extras, but not many and they will all be $25, so I suggest ordering early.

*ATTENTION* Please order each shirt individually. There's currently an erroneous coding that deducts $5/shirt when you order multiples. I'm working to get it fixed, but if you don't follow these directions, I'll have to charge the extra amount to your card on file. 
Have a great Friday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes 3 Back Squat @ approx 75%
2.) Perfect Storm
100 Double Unders for time
rest 2 minutes 
1 Mile Run for time
rest 2 minutes
500m Row for time
note: There is no cap on Double Unders
*3.) 3 rounds
21 Thrusters 75/55
7 Sandbag Over Shoulder 150/100lb
*4.) 100m Barbell Overhead Carry 155/105lb (door to door)
25 Power Clean & Jerk 155/105lb
100m Barbell Overhead Carry 155/105lb
*5.) 3 rounds
30 GHD Sit-ups
1:30 Plank (Full Push-up position)
note: Come out of Plank stop accumulating time.

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Bruce Hoffort566d

TTF order is in!

Thumb hannah and michael

Hannah Fameree566d

Love the shirts!!!!!!!!


james macco566d

Order placed! Let's do this, TTF!!

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Bs at 115#...All the dubs!
13:39. Some of the worst mile pacing known to man. But we made it.
3x335 & 3x345 for BS
155# for 1st set BS/135# for 5
Subbed with rowing, ass bike, skier.
150# BS; 20 min emom of 5 strict hspu (odd) & 20' hstd walk (odd); 12 min emom 3 hang power clean, 2 squat clean, 1 squat clean thruster, 1 36" box jump; #3 extra credit; 5 rds of 10 RH, 12 back ex., 30 sec superman hold
16:39 🐢 run with stroller
155# BS
12:51; 275#BS
20 EMOM Odds-5 strict HSPU Even- 20m HSW
13:23 (1:11 dubs, 6:29 mile)
14:10 ish
155# BS
19:13, 200 SUs, 155# BS
16:18 (1:23, 8:37, 1:45)
275 BS
Stupid double unders
Back sq@200
Thrusters/dball 7:07 20 OTM 5 shspu&20'hsw 12emom 3hpc, 2hsc, 1hsct +36"box jump
Sub 2 mile bike for run.
Steelfox Crossfit and hot yoga🔥🔥🔥
5AMRAP strict HSPU (unbroken:15/total:39) 5AMRAP strict dips (unbroken:17/total:52) 5AMRAP strict pull-ups (unbroken:8/total:24) 15AMRAP 10 thrusters/15 BFB/sit-ups: 6 full rounds plus 2 thrusters...yesterdays EC split jerks 145#, GHDs and planks
145# BS
135bs, 16:35. Breakdown: 1:18, 9:19, 1:58
Left work early and departed for Somo Lake!
14:40 (200sus)
125#bs 6x5
Other stuff.
🔥🔥 Yog-ahhh 🔥🔥
18:45 (5:56 DU, 7:03 Run, 1:46 row)
185# BS. 20 min emom odd: 5 hspu even: 10 foot handstand walk. 12 round emom 3 hang power clean, 2 hang squat clean, 1 thruster @115 and 1 36" box jump. EC #5