2018 CrossFit Online Regional Qualifier #2

Friday Apr 20 2018

Tomorrow we begin our four days of CrossFit Online Regional Qualifiers for our athletes that placed in the top 200 in the world in their age divisions! 

1.) 4 Rounds
25 Chest To Bar Pullups
5 Cleans any style 245/170
15 minute Cap
*2.) 35-25-15
Box Jumps 24/20"
Seconds of Shake Weight
Note: Place Shake Weight vertical, in line with sternum, and shake vigorously for required number of seconds. 
*3.) 5 rounds
10 DB Strict Press 40/30
10m DB Walking Lunge 40/30
*4.) 3 Rounds
10 Back Extensions
10 Strict Toes to Rings
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Derek Zehms335d

I feel a Shake Weight PR coming.

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Timm Uhlmann335d

Count your reps, we'll have a competition

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Seev πŸ‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ335d

No there’s no way. No freakin way. Wat @scrublord

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Megan Vogel335d

Wish I could join all of you guys to cheer our athletes on! GOOD LUCK to everyone.

As we tell our team right before EVERY GAME....

Trust your preparation.


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Bruce Hoffort335d

Which quadrant is the shake weight rack in again?

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Megan Vogel335d

Just bring your own Bruce. I see you with that thing all the time. :)

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Bruce Hoffort335d

I can't wait until the videos get posted from today...


james macco335d

Some how I feel video evidence of shake weight action might violate local, state and federal porn laws.

Thumb wodmother1

Theresa Rosenquist334d


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3+25 c2b 135#
Because I didn’t want to squat anymore than i had to 😫
3 rds + 4 C2B
Power cleaned all
3 + 18 c2b (red/purple band) 75#
20 min amrap-with partner
21 DU 15 sit ups 9 burpees 14 ish rounds
3+3 cleans
Scaled to PUs then Ring Rows to avoid rip. 245# cleans
PC 185# & sub 12 SPU for C2B | 5 rds 15 GHD - 25 DU
Working on shake weight form at home...
Wod @ CrossFit Waco in Texas
3 rd at cap; 155 cleans
3 rounds
115# cleans
3 plus 2 cleans. 3 shy of completion.. @185#
EC #3
Stopped after 3rd rd - ripped
First few cleans at 125 then 135. Thanks Justin
14:15 115lb, c2b purple and red band
14:58 145# power cleans
Dumbbell press/lunge w/ 25s; 5x5 back squats @ 165#; GHDs/du fun; box jumps without the shake weight lol
3 + 7 C2B/PU, cleans 150#
Fun EC with friends, some curls/dips/strict PU, 30 min bike
3 + 7 C2B 150#
was not feelin' the C2B on this beautiful Friday morning
3 rds + 10/25 pull-ups 225# clean
Worked until 8:30 p.m.
14:36 (135#)
5 rounds: 15 GHDS, 25 dubs. That was fun!
**#105->#95 (otherwise rx'd M55+) & πŸ”₯🧘 75 min.
Bent over row and ring rows for WOD
EC 2 w/ extra eye contact. 1.5 mile run, 10:30 crew EC, suck it up
14:37 8 strict C2B/155# squat cleans
hands slowly healing
11:54, 85#, ring rows