Wednesday Mar 28 2018

4 Regional Qualifiers as of this moment for CFGB! I want to congratulate Chuck 51st in the world masters 35-39, Tom 38th in the world masters 55-59, Paula 128th in the world masters 55-59 and our first teen qualifier Josie Johnson finishing 184th in the world in the 14-15 age bracket. Very proud to have you 4 represent CrossFit Green Bay! Now let's get to work and get ready for the online Regional Qualifier in 4 weeks. 
Have a great Wednesday!
1.) Squirrel 
Run 400m
21 Power Clean 155/105lb
Run 400m
15 Power Clean 155/105lb
Run 400m
9 Power Clean 155/105lb
*2.) 5 Overhead Squat every 2 minutes for 5 rounds starting @ approx 60% adding load each round
Note: from the floor
*3.) 9 minute AMRAP 
10 Front Rack Lunge 115/85lb
10 Toes to Bar 
25 Double Unders 
*4.) for time:
With a partner 
Legless Rope Climb
Tire Flip
Note: alternate rope climb
*5.) 3-3-3-3-3 Clean @ approx 75%, rest no more than 2 minutes between sets 
Note: reset each rep
*6.) 3 rounds 
30 GHD Sit-ups 
1:30 Plank Hold
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Sylvia Christensen 264d

Nice job Chuck, Tom, Paula and Josie!! 👊🏽👊🏽

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Krystal Lowney264d

Congrats to all!!!💪🏻

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Adam Shirek264d

Congrats regional qualifiers!

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Bryn Odberg264d

Congrats qualifiers!!


james macco264d

Yaasss!! Great job to all!!

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Timm Uhlmann264d

Wooo!! Represent!

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Kelsey Waack264d


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Megan Vogel264d

Whoop whoop! Congrats you guys! Can’t wait to cheer you guys on!

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Bruce Hoffort264d

Awesome job Regional Qualifiers!! ⭐️


Erin Buntin264d

CFGB Made! Go show ‘em how its done! Super proud of all of you!


Barbi Gossen264d

This is amazing!

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Kate Mantz264d

Congrats everyone!!!

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Theresa Rosenquist264d

💣💥💣💥💣💥💣💥!! Congratulations ALL of you!;

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Amanda Zeamer264d

Congrats to all!!!

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Jason Nobles263d

Amazing job guys!!!

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Sick again. And still cripple from 18.5😫
Running at snail speed but only second time running post surgery. We’ll get there or not 😂
14:34, 135#
21 hang cleans at 55# each round 'cause I have issues
13:07 125#
12:40 LRx
11:32 rx
GHDs & planking; shoulder mobility
9:28 RX Singles for days with the brace brothers
Pre-surgery prep
aka wings for time!
GHD/Plank and 9 min AMRAP ✅ Nice to be outside again
~15:55 w/85#
Stayed light to focus on improving technique Or it might have been ~14:55, I can't remember now :/
12:32. By run #2 my legs were filled with cement
Ghd/plank and legless ropes and tire flipping with Brett and Omar.
95lb press, same as last time, no PR
It’s so nice to be outside!!
10:36 rx wieght, 1/2 mile assault bike for run
6 Rounds On EC #3
11:59 ... I think 🤔 (65#)
Baby brain is way worse the second time around. 🤷🏻‍♀️
More running, less biking please🙏🏻
OHS ^125#; 5 rounds of #3 ec
10:44 (thanks JT for your “athlete coaching”
EC #3, OHS up to 115#, #6, some wallballs and sled pulling...
10:22 RX
Tried to catch E Buntin - and failed to the tune of a HR at 199 :) FS 85-105#, GHD/Planks, Lunge/TTB/DU AMRAP. ps. #BELIKETOM has begun! congrats buddy!
Ran like a Kenyan today ........Not
Ghd/planks; OHS @ 50Kg/ legless rope climbs and tire flips with Brett and Jim Macco
Triples for all of the power cleans / *2.) 5@135, 5@165, 5@185, 5@205, 4@215, 3@225, 2@225 all from the floor / Push press from yesterday / 5@135, 4@165, 3@185, 2@205, failed @ 215# / Yorup from yesterday - 2 bar MUs following 5,5,3,3,3,3,3,3,2 ring MUs / 21-15-9 of 315# DL & 30" box jumps from yesterday complete in 7:29 (DL sets were 3x7, 3x5, and 3x3) / *6.) complete in 9 minutes
11:33 biked instead of run #85
#3 E.C.
Running ain’t cool
11:34 (95# dL+ hpc)
Ghds and planks
DL/box jump EC from yesterday - Rx but really slow. 3 rounds: 30 GHDS, 90 sec plank, 30 HRs. Owchie
#75 & SkiErg (400m), 4×6 Box BS up to #125. 3×{15-20 pull/push/sit/squat/back/dip/& step.
8:58 50% RX
And by 50% mean no cleans. Did 1 squat and one lunge with a kettlebell in place of each power clean. EC #6
13:12 65# at first then went down to 55# , 2 rounds GHD/plank EC
14:28, 55#, row