Monday Mar 26 2018

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open Season ends tonight at 7pm so make sure to have all your scores submitted by then. Next Saturday we will be having our first Team WOD of spring at 10:15am and it will be a team Easter Egg Hunt. Team workouts will continue on Sundays at 7am but due to Easter we will have it Saturday this week instead, giving everyone a opportunity to see how much fun the Team WOD is! Maybe it'll even cause you to get out of bed early Sunday mornings to attend from here on out. 21 Day Challenge will begin next Monday with details released on tomorrow's post. Hmm what else? Regional training has officially commenced and if you plan on participating in all the extra credit make sure you are bumping up your mobility sessions. That's enough for this post stay tuned for lots more stuff tomorrow.  
Have a great Monday!
1.) Hybrid 
1000m Row
5 rounds
12 GHD Sit-ups 
11 Hang Power Snatch 115/85lb
1000m Row
2.) 7 minutes alternating every 30 seconds
Hollow Rock
*3.) 4 rounds
15 Toes to Bar
10m Overhead Walking Lunge 115/85lb
15 Bar Facing Burpees
10m Overhead Walking Lunge 115/85lb
*4.) 21-15-9
Weighted Pull-ups 50/35lb Dumbbell
Deficit Handstand Push-ups 2x45/1x45
*5.) 5 rounds of 3 Touch N Go Power Clean starting @ approx 60% adding load each round working up to session 3RM 
*6.) 5 Front Squat every 2 minutes for 4 rounds @ approx 80%
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I scaled everything but the row....and that was rough too....never take a week off again and come back t 18.5 as your first wod back😫
35# (damn arm and hand placement), hollow rock/Superman, 21-15-9 of strict pull ups and hspu off box, 50 banded ring dips(getting easier), 25 back extensions, 5 rounds of touch and go 65-115, 5 front squat at 65# every 2 minutes for 4 rounds.
5 rounds 40# snatch 109 meter row
18:05 55/65# 10# WB sit ups
I think I did 6 rounds🤔
18:45. 65#. Abmat su’s
16:24 55#
FS extra credit
16:42 RX with 6-7 Extra GHDS
SPU and SHSPU (1 mat). Shoulder mobility
500m left @ 20 min cap 100#
55#, GHD to //
Just a tad over the cap
Did not make Justin proud today.
20:00 on the nose @ 60#
Scaled back the snatches to 65lb to focus on getting the form down. Only made it about 140m before running out of time at the end
618/1000 mtrs Rx
FS for EC
Regular sit ups. Xperience reminds me of the original box in that the rowers are all upstairs. Not cool.
907/1000m at 20min cap. 65lb and abd mat situp
18.5 redo 33RX, 3 more c2b
17:03 95# and 20# abmat situps
18.5 Redo. 156. +14 reps.
19:50 or so.... 55#
EC: 5 DL #125 instead of FS for EC...must have read it wrong on the board. 3000 meter row after
I’m not sure
55# & abmat ... I know I was close to Jamie ... so when she posts, I’ll know my score. 😉
Did #3 extra credit and it took me a long time; Front squat @ 150#
534 cals RX
18.5 redo, FS 165#, weighted box step ups and plank holds
19:06 70#
135# FS
17:17 RX
135#FS + Mobility
3:30 for the first 1,000 meter row / 6-5 for the first four sets of hang power snatches / 11 UB for the last set / 2.) complete / *3.) complete in 14:07 / 8-7 for T2B / Lunges felt good / C&J singles @ 115, 135, 165, 185, 205, 225, 235, failed 3 times @ 245# from fatigue.
220 m left at 20min (55#)
Not sure where my lungs are today but this was still fun! Did EC 3 afterwards. 5RM BS at 195# so hap :)
**Scl'd @#45. ALL the SM & HR. Mega Mobility too!
EC 5 up to PR 175 and 6 @165#. Worked at getting more handstand walking going. Clean 175# PR after many attempts to not get scared of going under it and a shoe change
16:30 Rx