Sunday Mar 25 2018

Today is the last Sunday Open redo of 2018! It's been a great season and we are looking at having 3 masters move on to the online CrossFit Games Regionals in a couple weeks, we'll know for sure by the end of this week. You know what that means??? Yup you guessed it regional training begins Monday! Anyways, please come out and join us for one last redo and afterwards we are all heading over to Five Guys to celebrate with a few burgers and some fries. We will begin at 11am and conclude by 1pm. No matter if you are in the open or not you are welcome to participate in the 7 minutes of fun brought to you by 18.5. Starting next week we will be bringing back Team Workouts at 7am on Sunday's and the next 21 Day Challenge to get you all ready for the upcoming beach body season.
Have a great Sunday!
1.) 7 minutes to establish 1RM Strict Press
every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
10 Strict Press @ approx 55%
10 Parallel Ring Rows
2.) Bumblin
7 rounds
10 Burpee Box Overs 24/20" (handsies & toesies)
20 Abmat Sit-ups
10 cal Assault Bike
*3.) 50 Back Extension
note: perfection is key, not for time
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Strict press to 65 no pr, 35 and bent over row
65# sp no pr... 35# emom and bent over rows
18.5 redo. 21 reps farther. Made it to through 15 thrusters!
165 sp 12:20 something RX 18.5 redo 105 7 reps better
BBO - sort of. SP 115/65
Mal 41RX. Mom 116RX
Special thanks for helping “Val” finish with a bang!
4/18 Thrusters 18.5 redo
5 rep improvement
14:45 (row
114 rx, 6 reps better
18.5 re-do
Didn’t improve. But happy I made a second attempt. First open complete. Can’t wait to train for next years open.
18.5 @ 82reps
111, 18.5 redo, 9 better than Friday.
5 / 21 thrusters = 131
4 rep improvement!
Digressed by a solid 10 reps whoops. It's been real yo. 5 mile run - running is so much better when you're not in formation :)
162. Same as Friday
No regrets!!!