Tuesday Mar 20 2018

Every day at the end of the programming we either have core work or back work. Every day. If you happen to have a constant sore back or just random back issues it would behoove you to complete this work prior to your departure. It's usually 10 minutes or so worth of work but the hours and days of having a strong core/back as a result are beyond worth those few extra minutes of your time. I guarantee you take the time you will be rewarded with progress like you've never seen before in all areas of your fitness and life. 
Have a great Tuesday. 
1.) Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
5 Push Press @ approx 70%
3 Bar Muscle Up
2.) Assaulted 
5 rounds
20/16 cal Assault BIke
25 Double Unders 
*3.) 5-3-3-2-2-1 Deadlift, adding load each round working up to session 1RM, rest no longer than 3 minutes between sets
*4.) for time:
100 Hand Release Push-ups 
*5.) Every 3 minutes complete Snatch complex starting @ approx 60% and adding load each round
2 Snatch Extension From Hang
1 Snatch High Pull
1 Snatch
*6.) 5 rounds
10 Reverse Hyper
10 Bent Over Dumbbell Row
10 Back Extension
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Bruce Hoffort272d

#6 has my name on it.

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Killed a migraine for time
55 # push press and 4 rounds and 2 cal in 15’
65# PP baby BMU
13:05, 95 lbs PP I did some MU progression stuff.
135#, box BMUs. DL up to 405x3 then quit.
95# PP
No bikes available so gladly rowed instead. 85#PP banded bar MU—1 to 2 each round
PP 135#
12:13. 115#PP
Single unders (50). 115# PP. Green/purple bands for bar MU
11:47 pp 165 DL 385
✅ - no DU. Plate step ups
105 PP
75# PP/baby bmu
125pp 12/18 bmu , 11:33
Stupid 4th round of dubbs
65# PP, BMU w black band
12:43 with 30 cal rows
135 push press/bar muscle ups/10:46 Rx
75# PP, MU progressions
Finished after time cap
65# PP ring rows
100lb pp, box bar mu
4 rounds + 5/16cal bike
155# PP...banded muscle ups
95# pp and all the bmu
90# PP
Not 🎁
12:54 PP @135
Calculus Homework
13:31 #75 pp, attempted MU with bands
FS from Monday # 95
105# PP - slightly less than 70%. Strung all three bmus on rounds 2-4. Then it was a whole lotta nope. Note to future self - Pop. Those. Hips. 😑
95# PP
55# PP, black and purple band for bar muscle up, 15:08
12:02 (50 SU)
BOR v. PP: 75×2/85×3; DL post: 175/185/195/205/215/225 (still a bit tight after 18.4); Yoga & shoulde & knee therapy
115# PP ?? time something like a minute short of time cap
mobility intensive days are coming. Gonna have to let my forearms and elbows have some times to themselves
95# PP
16:30ish, 45#plate step ups
35# PP, ring rows