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Monday Mar 12 2018

I could've done more, I could of went harder, I shouldn't of rested so long, etc. all excuses you and I have said at some point after a workout. I understand not everyone in this gym has the ambition of competitive glory but I do know that you all have had those words come from your lips at some point or another leading me to tell you all to go all out at least 1 workout a week. If it's an EMOM for 10 minutes spend each minute doing everything you can to finish that work prescribed and if you know the work prescribed just ain't going to happen scale it down a few reps or lighten the load a little bit to make the work still a challenge but do able. The ability to push past that brink will build that mental grit that can help us in the not so easy situations that pop up in all of our lives (including open workouts) giving us an experience to fall back on to when we are close to defeat. The ability to know you've been through worse will give you the inner power to finish the job no matter how big.
Have a great Monday!
1.) dot dot dot
17 minute AMRAP
50 cal Row
150 Wallballs
50 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
2.) Suck it up
1 minute Plank
rest 30 seconds
1 minute Plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 10 seconds 
2 minute plank 
rest 10 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 20 seconds
1 minute plank
rest 30 seconds 
1 minute plank
note: don't give in to your mind telling you to quit, hold your position.
*3.) 12 minute AMRAP
50m Dumbbell Overhead Walk 50/35lb (2 dbs)
10 Deficit Handstand Push-ups 2x45/1x45
*4.) 5 rounds
1 Legless Rope Climb
20 Hand Release Push-ups
*5.) EMOM for 5 minutes 3 Front Squat @ approx 70% 
note: from rack
*6.)  Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes complete Clean Complex adding load each round, starting @ approx 50%
1 Clean
3 Hang Clean
1 Clean
note: hands do not leave bar
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Bruce Hoffort280d

I recommend that 6:15 sits this one out until better rested.


Bill Spry279d

150 wall balls must be a typo.

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Through 42 C2B
18.3. 3 OHS. 55# PR
27 Pullups
10# WB
1 rd + 8 calories
Sub RR for C2B. I’d rather have done 150 Thrusters. WB = ☠️
38 ring rows (sub for C2B)
WB from 20 to 12.
WB modifications (partial squat)
25 C2B 16# wb
Planking schlanking easy cheesy
42 pullups
FS EC @ 100#
4/50 pullups RX at cap
1 + 22cals rx
Front squats @ 130#
1 round - 14# WB
FS EC 125#
Got to C2B and must have pissed off a shoulder muscle at some point. Could go up to chest but not down. FS and Clean Complex EC. Mobility. **SELECTION MONDAY** whoop whoop!
1+ 38 cals
1 round + 8 wallballs: Used a 25# wallball
Wallball sets: 6x25 / Suck It Up complete with a 25# weight vest / 5x3 front squats every 90 seconds @ 250# (Actual 70% should have been 235# oops) / *4.) complete in 11:06 making sure every push-up was hand-release.
41 C2B- shoulders smoked from yesterday, that was rough!
16# WB. Worked on 🦋 C2B. 3 rounds: 200 m HS walk, 10 deficit HSPU.
25 Pull-ups ( can’t do C2B)
18.3 Scl'd M+(🤕)
11:40 #completer Scaling was a mental challenge but necessary💩shoulders💩knees + M|WOD knee therapy.
*By c2b, I really mean pullups. Some more handstand stuff. Getting more consistent with not needing the wall to catch me!
1 round + 1 calorie
didn't really want to get back to the rower, so I did as little work on it as possible :)
1 rd + 28 calories
Sub T2B
35 ring rows, 100WB @ 6#