Tire Change

Saturday Mar 10 2018

Please join us for our weekly community workout this morning at 8:15am. General public is welcome (that means you). Great job to everyone yesterday on 18.3, saw some first Muscle Ups which are always pretty cool especially during the open leading to in my opinion a great day. Hope you are all enjoying this year's Open because I sure am. 
Have a great Saturday 
1.) 11 minute AMRAP 
In teams of 3 alternating partners after complete round:
5 Back Squat 115/85lb 
5 Bar Facing Burpees 
5 Front Squat 115/85lb
5 Bar Facing Burpees 
2.) Tire Change 
In Teams of 3
5 rounds starting every 5 minutes 
1000m Row Sprint
Note: each member must row during each 1000m sprint 
*3.) Deadlift 5-5-5 @ approx 80%, rest no more than 4 minutes between sets
*4.) SPUC
Strict Wide Grip Pull-ups 
Strict Narrow Grip Pull-ups 
Strict Chin-ups 
*5.) 3 rounds of complex adding load each round hands do not leave bar during complex warm up to challenging starting load
10 High Hang Power Clean
6 Hang Power Clean
2 Power Clean 
*6.) 5 Rounds
15 GHD Sit-ups 
10 Thrusters 95/65lb

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Free wod & 9:15. Fun!!!!!
Community with Rach
9:15 with Rach and Brit (mods). Some ec with SHPU, parallel ring rows, and t2b.
bags and trav almost 12 rounds/and we perfected our pit stops on the row
Community WOD
That was fun!
18.3 redo 11:30, 130RX ( last was 117)
Free WOD w Emma
Fun with Pauly and Timm!
9:15 with Chris and Sylvia. All the fun and then worked on my Jerk.
Teamed up with Laura and Timm!
1.) Approximately 4 rounds / 2.) Approximately 3.5 minutes to sprint 1,000 meters / *6.) complete in 7:22 with 115# thrusters and unbroken movements / Snatch doubles @ 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, 175, and 5 reps @ 185#
Free WOD & 9:15
Fun day! Definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Fun partner time w/ St. Thomas
A. 6.5 rounds (#55 BS/FS & SO-burpees), B. 2: 32-2:40/700m); smashed pecs/sh/ biceps.
9:15 with Paulie and Laura
Should've eaten breakfast or something first. oof