Bean Bag

Tuesday Mar 6 2018

Put up a new rig today specifically for the CF Kids program and also for our really short members (you know who you are:). Since we've began CF Kids I've dreamed of the day that I would have a kids rig and now I've finally got it. So happy! Anyhoo might as well pitch the program, so you all with kids should check out CFGB's kids and teens programs. We now have the gym specific area for them, the equipment and our two phenomenal kids coaches Tom and Mr. Brehm. Thanks to everyone that supports this little gym of ours. Thanks JT, Tyler and Zachary for getting that built and put up! 
Have a short Tuesday!
1.) Bean Bag
10 rounds
10 Air Squats
3 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Air Squats
3 Muscle Ups 
If time allows in class complete no 2 (ha)
2.) 10 minute AMRAP 
10 Handstand Push-ups 
10 Free Standing Handstand Push-ups 
20m Handstand Walk
Note: scale fshspu with Tripod to Headstand and hsw with 3 around the worlds on a box
*3.) 2 Deadlift Every 30 second for 6 rounds @ approx 80%
*4.) 5 rounds of 3 Touch n go Snatch in 10 minutes  starting load is 135/95lb add load as you deem fit for 4 more rounds establishing 3rm Snatch 
*5.) 1 Push Press EMOM for 10 minutes @ approx 90%
*6.) 4 rounds
12 Reverse Hyper
10 Strict Toes to Bar, rep starts in full supernan position
10 Parallel Ring Rows
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105-115 pp
It was a good day to get gymnasty
Baby bmu, ring mu progressions
Banded BMU triples until hands ripped. MUPs from low rings. Deadlift EC: 6x2 @ 365#
7 rds @ 14:05
Tore badly, finished the round & no mas
I was there.
Fun day today
1st banded bar MU. Almost propelled through the roof by the bands, but I'll take it.
Just short of 8 rds
Ripped & made a few muscle ups
16:44 RX swear breaks over torn hands
8 rnd with mods.
HS amrap. HS walk Work. PP 135
18:45 box bar mu, low ring mu
2:50 RX yesterday FS (50) Rocked 1230 by myself, great 1:1 coaching
8 rounds.
Squats w Jamie👍🏼
Deadlifts @ 205#; snatch ^105#; PP emom @ 120#
CrossFit Lawless in Fort Myers
8+10 squats at cap
BMU RX / banded low ring MU
1st bar MU... 15 total MUs!
DL 5×5: #180/190/200/200/200; 8×25 AMSU; M|WOD knee therapy #1&#2 & Shldr Mob. & Yoga
done and done
MU progressions. EC #3
8 + 1 ring MU at 20min time cap
fun skill work day!