Smorgasbord of Mobility with a side of Fun

Thursday Mar 1 2018

Release of 18.2 goes down tonight at 7 bells followed shortly thereafter by the first go at it. Come hang out and watch the release show and cheer on those who are taking it on tonight or maybe even take it on yourself. Today all day we are doing our mobility wod and I encourage you all to take part instead of skipping because it isn't a "workout" because when you break it down, it actually turns out usually to be a pretty nasty workout. On top of the workout you will get a chance to attack those areas that are the usual culprit of the most common boo boos. 
Have a great Thursday! 
1.) Smorgasbord of Mobility with a side of Fun
3 rounds 
7 min cap
14/12 cal Assault Bike
25 Air Squats
10 Dumbbell Bent Over Row 50/35lb
15 minutes: Partner Quad Smash
7 min AMRAP
10 Medball Clean 20/14lb
15 Wallballs 20/14lb
20m Medball Overhead Walking Lunge 20/14lb
15 minutes: Partner Achilles/Calf Smash
3 rounds 
7 min cap
250m Row
10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50/35lb
5 Muscle Ups 
Remainder of class: shoulder smash/lat smash 
Note: you do not need to use a partner but it's highly encouraged to really get the most out of the smashing 
*2.) EMOM for 20 minutes 1 Snatch @ 70%
*3.) 7 minute AMRAP 
20m Handstand Walk
10 Triple Unders 
*4.) 5-4-3-2-1
Bench Press 185/125lb
Rope Climb 
Note: first 2 pulls Legless then use legs remainder of way
*5.) 3 Push Jerk every 2 minutes for 10 minutes @ approx 65%
Note: percentage based off of 1rm c&j
*6.) 3 Rounds
25 Weighted Hip Extension 25/15lb
10 GH Raise 
Note: add weight to gh raise if you can do them like angel and if you don't know what that is talk to a coach
*7.) 3 x 15 Reverse Hyper 

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I❀️These days πŸ™ƒ
My kind of CrossFit today
Topped out at Rx (50 lb) DB snatches. #needmoregrit
18.2 - 7:00 done w/ burpees; 145# clean
18.2/18.2a 8:24/215
I'll go faster and lift more on Monday:)
In attendance
Done :)
Open Gym 100 front squats 95# for time 9:11
10 rounds 250m ski, 3 x 15 reverse hyper, hip extensions and GH raises, bench press and handstand holds
All of the things.
Snatches than hit a 190# 5# PR snatch. Also got 2 ring mu's today!!
Studying for Calculus Quiz
I tried hard enough to make me sweat
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Snatch EMOM 130#. HPC ladder from yesterday - 8/ME at 155#. 5 rounds: 25 GHDS, 60 sec. plank (25# plate), 20 hollow rocks, 60 sec. parallete L- holds (scaled to knees)
Yoga & M|WOD Knee therapy.
Drop in at Crossfit mph (DC) 6-2 min rounds 16 cal roe/max effort BFB
83 BFB