Saturday Feb 24 2018

Please join us for our community workout at 8:15am this morning. Great people and a great workout, no better way to start your weekend! 
Tonight Angela and I are Dancing With Our Stars for the American Red Cross at the KI Center. We would appreciate any donation you can give for our team please click on this link if you can share a few dollars for this great cause. I will post the link at some point so you can all watch us rip up that dance floor. 
Have a great Saturday. 
1.) 4 Back Squat every 3 minutes for 15 minutes @ approx 75%
2.) Mercy
100 Double Unders
50 Deadlift 225/155lb
100 Double Unders
*3.) 7 minute AMRAP 
1 Power Clean 225/155lb
1 Hang Power Clean 225/155lb
1 Clean 225/155lb
1 Hang Clean 225/155lb
1 Jerk 225/155lb
Note: scale to approx 70%
*4.) 10 rounds
14/12 cal Row
1 minute Plank
Note: sprint row and roll right into plank
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Megan Vogel359d

Another open rookie question. If I am going to do 18.1 again, should I wait to post? Or can I post my first score and if my next score is better post that one on Monday?


Brett Kohout359d

The general practice I saw last year was to post your first score & if you are redoing it you’ll post that score on whichever day you completed the redo. Just call out in the comments that it’s a redo of whichever Open WOD (i.e. 18.1 redo). This will clear up any confusion since the WOD for whichever day you choose to redo on will not be that Open WOD.

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Kate Mantz358d

Post here all you want... but yeah, wait to post on the open/games app until you have the one that you want official.


Brett Kohout358d

😳 sorry, poor assumption that you meant on this site

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Tom Fameree358d

You can edit your score submission until the deadline (Monday at 7 pm central), however I think it’s just easier to wait until you know your done, then submit your score. It’s called sand bagging.

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Aurora workout
Death by thrusters and running followed by deadlifts and bar facing burpees
12:30, DU cap, RX weight
205# BS, DU 81 & 52 @ 3 min cap
185 # BS
Community WOD
BS 215#
10:24. 135#DL
185#BS + Extra stuff
Bs 185 last round 195
18.1 for 7 rounds
Plank for:30 versus DB work (back)
Community wod
Community with the fam
BS 185. 5:36ish behind Buntin. EC stuff
Did some squatting and 8:53
DU attempts for 3 min, 35 DL @ RX weight (didn’t do 50 bc I’m a wimp). 125# BS. Community WOD.
Community WOD
Back squats @ 155#; rowing/plank done in 19:05
7:35, BS 190#
170# BS, mercy @ 155# DL, 5 rounds Row/Plank. It’s worth noting that FATIGUED DU’s are a whole new monster. :)
Squats @ #185
DLs complete in 5 sets of 10 / 5x4 HBBS @ 275# (10# lighter than true 75%) / Snatch doubles: 95, 115, 135, 155, 165, 175# / *3.) 4 rounds complete in 7 minutes @ 185#
Free WOD w/ MJ then squatting with Grant and Donn @ 225#
Kept backsquats relatively light today. Free WOD with Ness
165# BS 10:10
Double under speed bump as usual 😅