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Wednesday Feb 21 2018

CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens 8 week program begins Moday.  Below are the descriptions of the programs, please contact Justin for more information.
CrossFit Kids
Class Times and days: 4:15-4:45pm M, W
Ages 5-11 years
Over the 8 weeks we will take your kids and teach them how to control their bodies in space. Coordination, teamwork and proper posture is introduced at an early age to promote good habits through puberty and adulthood. Weighted exercise will never exceed 20lbs, but they will lift things because kids do need to know how to properly pick things up. So let’s teach them how to do it right through drilling and playing games that teach as well. Another bonus for you parents is after we’re done with them they’ll sleep like babies!
CrossFit Teens
Class Times and days: 4:45-5:30pm M, W
Ages 12-17 (Teens 15+ can join adult classes with parent consent) 
Over the 8 weeks your son or daughter will be working on mobility, weight lifting, completing the WOD, post WOD stretching and discussing nutrition. Your son or daughter will be proficient in all weightlifting movements, gymnastic movements (pull ups, push-ups, rope climbing, rings, etc.) and they will know how to run. Once your child understands the details of movement they will enter a whole new world of growth mentally and physically.
Our goal is to make your kids the strongest, fastest, smartest athlete on and off the field, court, mat, pitch, etc. We will accomplish this through drilling, lecturing and intense workouts.
Have a great Wednesday!
1.) Every 90 seconds for 5 rounds:
10 Overhead Squat 115/85lb
10 Toes to Bar 
2.) No Answer
7 minute AMRAP
32 Double Unders
16 Dumbbell Box Step-ups 24/20", 50/35lb
8 Bar Muscle Ups
then no rest
5 minutes to establish 1RM Clean & Jerk
note: for the c&j bar must be locked out overhead prior to time expiring for it to be a counted rep
*3.) 5 rounds
50m Kettle Bell Carry 2/1.5 pood (2 kbs)
10 Handstand Push-ups
*4.) 5 x 500m Row, rest 1:1
*5.) 5-4-3-2-1
Power Clean 225/155lb
Muscle Up
note: power clean is meant to be touch n go so scale weight accordingly
*6.) GHD Sit-up Tabata
8 rounds: 
20 seconds ME GHD Sit-ups
10 seconds rest
note: rest @ parallel 
*7.) Alternating every minute for 12 minutes:
Left Pec Smash
Right Pec Smash
Left Lat Smash
Right Lat Smash
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All t2b&ohs✅ Rowing✅ Ghds✅
1 + 6 step ups
Rx weight 13 doubles at cap rest singles, baby bar muscle ups.clean and jerk to115 no or..ohs at 55# and working on stringing t2b together. Tabata abs done. 5x500m row done.
1+6 baby BMUs
OHS @65# T2Rig 135 C&J (5# squat clean PR, 10# jerk PR) Rowing GHDs EC
1+6 step ups. Bands/low bar and 25#
125# c & j
1RDS+16 StepUps @30 20" BMU from Box
185 C&J Failed 205
1+8 step ups, 50#, box BMU
245# C&J
2 +24 DU-25# DB low bar MU
115# CJ
1 + 6 step ups
195 Cj somehow
2+8 step ups; 235c&j
Sunday wod: 1+20cal
2 + 12 step ups
305 C&J
175 c&j (missed 190 jerk). Partner chipper with Fonti
1 rd + 10 stepups 40# started w/ mod bar MUs 195# C&J
2 rounds + 32 DU
18” with 25# DB and low bar for BMU. 125# PC and PJ.
T2b/ohs went well, workout ok until I got to bmu then I got 1.
Light c&j Sundays WOD with Nick from Aurora 10 MU's
1 round and 16 stepups. Scaled mu’s
185# c&j. EC: ghd’s Tabata. Ouch.
1 round + 2 mini bar MUs. 20#DB
115# C&J
Ohs at 65lb. 1 round + 4 baby bar mu. 20lb db.
125lb c&j. Then bronchitis kicked my buttock
everything scaled....sore knee
115# OHS
2+15 DU/255lb C&J
1 + 1bbmu
Ohs: 55#
1 round Rx
130# C/J (5# PR)
2 rounds + 1 step up rx C&J ^ 145#, failed 155#
First part done rx; yoga! Much needed 💕
1+6 PBMU
C&J 155, 160 after beep (5# PR), DL/BFB from Saturday
1 + 16 Step ups RX • 140# C&J 10# PR! 💪🏼
75# OHS - That was fun! 👍🏼
Completed. Or attempted TTB and banded BMU.
TTB failed me at fatigue. “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” 175# CJ in time. Tried 185# after and got it (up 40 pounds since Nov attempt. :) Bär MU drills. Shoulder mobility.
1+ 5 dubs
#205 c&j
1 rd + 2 bmu’s
235# CJ
2 rounds + 3 step-ups / 205, 225, 245# C&J
Step-ups: UB first round, 2x8 second round / BMU: 2x4 for both rounds / 1.) went really well with at least 45 seconds of rest each round. All T2B UB / 5 rounds of 10 freestanding HSPUs and 15 cal Assault from Monday complete in 14:26
1 round, bmu not happening today #30 DB
#115 C&j not a PR
2 rounds RX/#145
1+ 16 step ups / 155# C&J
ALL the things:
T2B>OHS (#45, 10/6/6/6/10); WOD: 65 SU/#20 DBs, 16")/B-BMU 1R+2 B-BMU; #100 PCl&Jk (pretty ugly!)
OHS 75#, C&J 165#, 2 rounds even
Box MU, worked on more muscle up stuff after class
2rds, box MU, lighter DB
250 lb power clean
1 rds + 2bmu’s
205# c&j
1+12 stepups
265 c&j
1 + 10 step ups, bike instead of DU, 15#DB, mu progressions from rings
failed 100#clean a few times, but getting close....