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Sunday Feb 18 2018

I want to congratulate all that participated yesterday at CrossFit Appleton for the Granite Games Comp. A double big congrats to Mike Green and Karl took home 1st place in scaled division. Nicole and Zeamer took home 6th in women's scaledwith a second place finish in the last workout. Barbi and Shannon took 4th overall in female intermediate missing out on third by 2 points and Barbi from the floor cleaned 180 for the trips front squat. Macco and myself ended up in 8th in men's intermediate representing the elite average old guys. Overall great day and I'm proud of all of you. To everyone that came out to cheer us on thank you, you made all of our days.
Have a great Sunday.
1.) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
10 Strict Press @ approx 50%
10 Parallel Ring Rows
2.) Space Brain
14 minute AMRAP
30 cal Row
50 Deadlift 225/155lb
30 Muscle Ups
3.) 3 x 15 Reverse Hyper
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Amanda Zeamer365d

Umm first in the last workout 😃😃

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Grant Soletski364d

it said second on line

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Amanda Zeamer364d

I see one

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Grant Soletski364d

Correction I swear it was 2 yesterday. I apologize.

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Team wod w/ rach
300 ub wallballs @ 16#. Weightlifting
185# DL, MU’s from floor. 75# strict press.
45# SP; 2 MUs
Then of course after the wod I strung two together no problem 🙄
Dumbbell cleans in place of DL. 21MU
65# SP
Team with Fonti (300 at 20#)
Yesterday bs 175. 50 DL 225
Team WOD with Megan!
That was fun even though I died during the wallballs!
Worked up to a 155# strict press, then 5x5 strict press @ 135# every 2 minutes / Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds: 10 BOBBR @ 135# with a pronated grip / EMOM10: 8 strict ring dips for 80 total / EMOM10: 7 burpee box-overs @ 24" for 70 total / EMOM10: 5 strict T2B wearing a set of 5 lb. ankle weights for 50 total / Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes: 10 arm curls with 35# dumbbells
SP 55. Team wod with Britt. 300 UB WB.
Ate it twice as fast oops