Partner Frantasy Land

Thursday Feb 8 2018

Occasionally things do not go as planned but life cannot stop when those occasional things happen. Learn from mistakes, make necessary adjustments and continue down the path you are traveling. Remember It's a Wild World.
Have a great Thursday!
1.) Partner Frantasy Land
For time:
21-15-9 reps of:
   95/65lb. thrusters
15-12-9 reps of:
   115/85lb. thrusters
   Chest-to-bar pull-ups
12-9-6 reps of:
   135/95lb. thrusters
   Bar muscle-ups
note: partition as you wish
*2.) EMOM for 10 minutes
odd: 5 Push Press 205/145lb
even: 5 Strict Muscle Up
note: scale muscle ups reps not style
*3.) Randy 
75 Power Snatch 75/55lb
Double Unders
*4.) 5 rounds
5 Deadlift starting at approx 65%, adding load each round
15 Bar Facing Burpees
rest 1:1
*5.) 3 rounds
25 Push-ups
25 Kettle Bell Swings 1.5/1 pood
*6.) 15 minute AMRAP
15 Back Extension
10 Wall Facing Squats
10 Ring Dips
*7.) 3 x 15 Reverse Hyper
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Angel Anderson375d

👊🏼 Love ya, Grant ❤️

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Theresa Rosenquist374d

Amen brother! It's the necessary adjustments that can make amazing differences. XO ❤️!

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With Brandi and Jim. Box MUs Annie before- 8:29
Partner with Seev
Backity back
Talking back
With Sarah, dropping in from Chicago. Subbed FS for thrusters
7:18 with Justin
13:something w/ Rach
randy/annie 15:31
pounded 20 1"x18" pipe into a farm field that has a layer of frost i would say about 25" deep. it reminded me why i disliked surveying in the winter.
✅ with Ashley
12:12, I believe. With my swolemate, Paul Mantz. BMU's on a box.
EC of Randy and Annie. 19:52 slooooow.
Row 2000 m
5 rounds of 20 sit ups and 20 DB snatches @ 20#
✅ partners with Sarah!
18:36 with Shannon 55lb-65lb-85lb
Pullup, band c2b, negative pullup
15:55 with the bmu
7:18 with Chuck
14:51 rx with Carly
Back squats @ 175# ; Annie 7:39
14:45 with toni.. kinda RX
RX weight, she did all the MU until hand tear then we did burpee PU... BS 195#
Whoop says GO. I say REST.
I walked like 13 steps on my hands yesterday, so I'm telling myself that I've pretty much made it. Oh except the whole HSPU, PU, C2B, & MU things. We have to do that too? Details...
13:14 w/ Chad W
Randy/Annie. 15:53 whatever Grant!
Partnered with Jimbo12:12 Rx except box BMUs cause I’m stupid with Gymnastics. Swolemates for life.
PUs and KBS with MJ
Studying for Calculus Exam 1
13 something with Danielle
She crushed it with some beautiful BMU's.
✔ with Jess
Extra credit included holding babies ☺
w/ Michelle not sure the time, but we killed it as always
13:03 w/Yvonne
Team bummed shoulders, crushed it!
DL/BFB ☑️ Randy met Annie today 14:58
12:35 w/ Amy & Marlene
Perfect 3-some! Needed some of this but not too much (really just wanted to zone in shavasana! 😴) Scl'd: #18-26 KB-TH & kids BMU. 🔥Yoga & 1020 Yoga
10:50 with Brian 💛
13:03 w Sam
I scaled lots.
Done with Sam G