Backwards Jackie

Saturday Jan 27 2018

Please join us for our weekly Community Workout at 8:15am this morning. As usual there are a whole bunch of people just out for some great exercise on a Saturday morning. Come hang out with us and start your weekend off with a little bit of health and fitness.
Monday evening Angela and I are hosting a four course Italian meal paired with the finest wines at Angelina, Angela's restaurant to raise money for the American Red Cross. We are partnering up for Dancing With Our Stars February 24th at the KI Center for the American Red Cross and are hosting this meal to help us raise money to attempt to reach $30,000 for this year's event. Dinner starts at 6pm and the cost is $100 per person with $60 per person being donated. It will be a fun evening and we would love to see you all there. 
Have a great Saturday!
1.) Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds 3 Strict Press @ approx 85%
2.) Backwards Jackie
30 Pull-ups
50 Thrusters 45lb Bar Male and Female
1000m Row
*3.) 1 Snatch EMOM for 20 minutes @ approx 70%
*4.) 200m Kettlebell Carry 2/1.5 pood (2 kbs)
30 Alternating Kettlebell Clean & Jerk 2/1.5 pood
30 cal Assault Bike
*5.) 7 minute AMRAP
10 foot Plate Push 25lb
5 Burpees on to Plate
note: jump up from burpee directly on to the plate
*6.) 3 rounds
15 Reverse Hyper
10 GH Raises
15 Dumbbell Bent Over Row
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Troy Foley263d

Eikcaj #ftfy

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Free wod with friends
Strict press at 55#
SP ✅ 65#
135# SP
20 min clean emom @ 155 w/ friends 😊 mu transition work. Got my first bmu doubles 🙌🏻
6:17 RX 145 sp clean emom 200 LB 1.5 mile jog
Community with Mom, Chad, and all the girls sleeping over 😁. Clean EMOM. HSPU work. Run. Such a fun day and warm weather ❤️
Community wod
That was fun - thanks grant and tom!
SP 165#
145lb presses
SP 85#
UB pull-ups, UB thrusters / Strict press triples @ 150# from the floor / EMOM10: 3 UB thrusters @ 155# for 30 total / 30 MUs complete in 6:51 - 5,5,4,4,3,3,3,3
Clean EMOM 155